Alternative miniature companies
Sadly both my prev mentions failed in crowdfunding, but these shouldn't! Plastic humans for Frostgrave - -
Zark not believe in Democracy. We go left!
Do not feel too sad for ProGloria, they may (or may not) see the light of day on Warlord Games.
Yeah, I know they picked up a bunch of the metals, some have already been released. But I really liked the look of those plastics...
Zark not believe in Democracy. We go left!
So, as it turns out Warlord have finally gotten around to releasing some of the plastic Landsnechkt Pikemen -

Not all the sculpts (e.g. they're missing the two-handed grips from the Pro Gloria campaign) but it makes up for it with including some handgunners and also by being £18 for 30 models!
Zark not believe in Democracy. We go left!
Picked two boxes but already regretted it. The hand holding the long pike is very unnatural and awkward. I probably swap it with the two hand weapon option somewhere else to make a Paymaster's Bodyguard unit.

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