Number9's painting journey (update 10/25/13)
i'm usually not a fan of the brightly colored empire-esque models, but i think your skill and painting style have really pulled it off here. add in the hilarity of ogres dressed the same way (i'm thinking kind of on the same level as a slayer in a leotard), and i think you've got a fine looking army.
We'll be an invisible army.
Our uniform will be that of the man on the street, the peasant in the field.
We'll strike the enemy and vanish back in the crowd again.
Great job on those foundry ogres! I have a few, but I am painting them green, as I find they are more the size of a black orc than a GW ogre, so I hope to make a nice orc big'un unit out of them in the future.
When I first got them long ago I had thought about doing the same, but I didn't know what I could do with the ones that had rifles. After I compared them in size to the old Jes Godwin Citadel ogres I figured they were close enough to represent mercenary ogres. The ones with rifles would serve as leadbelchers.

Thanks for the compliments!
awesome ogres
Been awhile since I posted some pictures but I have 2 models I've borrowed from the Reaper Pathfinder line to serve as mages of the lore of heavens and the lore of life. These models were a blast to paint and I look forward to working on a mage for every lore for my army.

[Image: tumblr_lmyuy4vwj01qlzineo1_500.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_lmyuwlxprK1qlzineo1_500.jpg]

Comments are always welcome of course.
They look absolutely brilliant. I like the bright colours on the models
Sorry for the lack of pics and updates here in more than a year, but I have recently come back to my warhammer armies and have picked up working on my Dogs of War again. I'm getting involved in a little 2 person campaign and I have resolved to get a decent volume of figs finished plus some fun little extras like baggage train and small narrative terrain pieces. I don't have anything to show just yet but I should have the finishing touches on a few models after this weekend.

*EDIT* Looks like some of my older image links broke, re-including what was lost below rather than adjust each old post:

[Image: tumblr_lq6cbkJ6681qlzineo1_500.png]
[Image: tumblr_lpkd9oRQV21qlzineo1_500.png]
[Image: tumblr_lp3tjpGe9k1qlzineo1_500.png]
[Image: tumblr_lp00ggLIaz1qlzineo1_500.png]
[Image: tumblr_loyg1yCzOA1qlzineo1_500.png]
Really nicely done mini's. Good bright colours, well painted. Nice!
So I played a great little game on Saturday. I'll have a battle report with images as well as the specific scenario we did in a day or so. But the objective for the game was this little bit of army baggage. I used a Reaper minis merchant blister for the chest carriers, and I painted them in my army's colors. They will serve me in the future I am sure. Quick and dirty, but decent for the tabletop.

[Image: tumblr_mirclyGQdA1qlzineo1_500.jpg]
Some work in progress pikemen; a mixture of Wargames Foundry (the command group) and Old Glory. As these guys are the front rank they've been getting a little extra attention, but not too much because my pikemen seem to always die horrible messy deaths and generally break and get run down after the first or second round of combat.Tongue

[Image: tumblr_mjj4dz4zcM1qlzineo1_500.jpg]

bigger version here:

Thanks for looking!
Been a bit quiet here lately but I am plugging away at ranks of pikemen. It isn't particularly glamorous work, and I'll post pics when the unit is done because these guys aren't much more than glorified casualty markers, and aren't terribly interesting to look at 1 model at a time. The point of the painting is the impression of the unit as a whole.

Maybe I'll sneak a WIP shot or two as they get closer to finished, and I plan to break it up with a character model. I'm starting a beasts lore mage now to change up my color palette and break the monotony of painting 30 similar models.
Carrying on with the pikemen. It seems like I'll never be done.

[Image: tumblr_mnm1p66jQS1qlzineo1_500.jpg]

And also the lore of beasts mage I mentioned. It came out a bit too flat but I have to move on if I want to make progress. The model is a revenant elf from Wargames Foundry with the ears trimmed. She has yellow cat eyes but it is hard to make out in the picture.

[Image: tumblr_mmgns9Nrqd1qlzineo1_500.jpg]
A bit of an older WIP here as I've made a fair bit of progress since the pic was taken. This guy serves as a Paymaster or Captain/General on foot. The figure is from Freebooter miniatures and was converted to have two hand weapons instead of the pistol shield and pistol sword it comes with.

[Image: tumblr_mt79kmMKaA1qlzineo1_1280.jpg]

and the back:

[Image: tumblr_mt79kmMKaA1qlzineo2_1280.jpg]
These are some great looking figs, you made very good choice of colors and nice highlights. I rarely come here, but it's nice to see that the mercenary spirit is still alive and kicking.
If you need, please use maid, call her and she will be making you happy.

[Image: dowomemsig.gif]

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