M4cR1II3n's Venetian Dogs of War: New - Birdmen of Catrazza!
oke no kamikaze.. just suicidal then? Tongue
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I really like the army M4c, great colour scheme. I'd love to get some birdmen, but i'm afraid they'd be just too infective.
Awesome to see the Rangers finished as well.
Flash !!!!! ah ah he save all of us !! nice bird men

when i seen the birdmen i thought of this

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(07-30-2009, 02:27 PM)Slaaneshiprince Wrote: where did u get the models that make up the paymasters bodyguard?

They are Privateer Press Steelhead Halberdiers. Pricey, but awesome models. The standard bearer and musician are converted though.

(07-30-2009, 04:40 PM)Kera Foehunter Wrote: Flash !!!!! ah ah he save all of us !! nice bird men

when i seen the birdmen i thought of this


My buddy Leo would like that, he is a big fan of Queen. Me, not so much Tongue
Very nice. Must look cool on the battlefield.
M4cR1II3n, awesome army. Saw it in the latest Gold and Glory.

Can't wait to see your Norse and Broken Lances!
Thanks for all the comments Smile

I have painted about half the Broken Lancer unit so far, but I'm currently in a standstill as I'm writing several new army books. But once I finish Cathay (and possibly Estalia), I'll get back to painting. Of course by then summer break is over and I've started college, so we'll see how much time I'll have to paint then...
those figures look stunning, i love the colours you have used to link all the units together, i used a similiar red on my undead army, not sure what colours to use for my dogs of war, the wood elves conversions are my favourites though are they dark elves swords on some of them?
Yup, those are Corsair weapons all right. I might redo that unit slightly when Assassin's Creed 2 comes out, since that is based in Venice it would fit my army perfectly.
Yes, I filled the gap with greenstuff and glued extra daggers on their backs (you can never have enough throwing knifes Big Grin). Might give them cloaks later on though, seems the guy in AC2 has one.
True you never can have enough! ;-)
Oh and if your're wondering what happened to my original post and to stop people thinking your talking to yourself, i ended up deleting it because i couldn't get rid of the double post :-(.
You actually managed to fix that at first. Just use the edit button and remove the extra sentence. I always use that one (because I very often miss a proposition in my message or so).
I was on my phone at the time and whatever i edited didn't show up to me, it just stayed the same Rolleyes

Anyway, on topic, could you tell what sculptor did the model you used for Raven? I don't like alot of the Reaper models but i do like that one!
He's called Werner Klocke. Has made a lot of good models for Reaper.
Thanks! He has indeed done some nice ones, including the Foehunter! Big Grin
Awesome stuff. Love the birdmen.


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A large armed mercenary! Great! I love the birdmen, but the best are the dwarfs Roman XD
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Lovely army ! Love all the shots i am very jealous !
great army man, i love the roman legionary dwarves, heck im jelous, i was planning on doing the centurian helmets for my dwarf army longbeards so its good to see a themed unit like that
btw what models are the paymasters bodyguard the thick armour is awesome
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