Create a Regiment of Renown Competition- Feedback.
One would think that... however lets just say I have some things in mind for CDO and Dogs of War... Smile
CD RoR sounds like fun.
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Well then you are in luck:

So everyone there are now two contest, one for RoR regiments for Dogs of War and one for a Chaos Dwarf RoR. Get cracking everyone! Wink
That only seems like CD to me... am I missing something? Besides my sanity, that is?
Nope there is the Create a RoR for Dogs of War Online (i.e. this thread) and there is the mini contest going on on CDO.

In other words create a "regular" RoR here and create a Chaos Dwarf themed RoR at CDO.

So in other words no more thread jacking this thread Wink

As to the whys of this I'm not at liberty to discuss yet. Smile
Except there is no formal competition, deadline or promise of gold in this thread Tongue
You have to talk to Baumman on that one Wink

As an alternative to Golden Pike VI there is always this as a possibility as well. The advantage of this is that almost anyone can write up a RoR.

The times we've run this on CDO have been quite a success.

This time around it would be a Dogs of War Online sponsored contest. Might also draw interest from other sites that might want to participate...
If this is still live, I'd be up for giving it ago. Already got a couple of ideas (will need to do a little research to make sure they're not already done though).
There is a chance that thus might be the next contest.
Ooh, very nice. Although I did write up my best ideas so far for an RoR contest for animosity 5...
Well then its time for a new one Wink
Yeah, I say RoR as I already did one Smile and cannot wait to post it Smile
Ok gang. Be on the lookout for an announcement regarding this later tonight.

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