(try again) My mercs
(10-15-2009, 04:19 PM)henerius Wrote: Do you have more pics of youre dogs? I see a very purple colour scheme.. that's... well I've got to have a closer look ....

pretty, pretty please Smile

Well, since you asked Big Grin

First are my characters:
[Image: special.jpg]
Lorenzo & Lucrezzia, they should be a couple

[Image: priestess.jpg]
I still love this model

[Image: general.jpg]
My General

[Image: Paymaster.jpg]
The Paymaster nestled in his bodyguard

Now some of my units:
[Image: duelists.jpg]
The Mordheim range was so good for us

[Image: rhinoxriders.jpg]
The big guns. The color scheme matches my OK army

[Image: Bearmen.jpg]
The (polar)Bearmen

[Image: Wolfboyz.jpg]
The Wolfboyz, sadly they have been played more in my Orcs & Goblins army

[Image: Asarnil.jpg]
I have used Asarnil as a Star Dragon in a High Elf army, but never in a Dogs of War list
[Image: banner-1.jpg]
Purple and red, purple and bleu, Purple and Bronze. Daring if I may say so, it makes the army stand out and leaves an impression that lasts for days!

The purple dragon is a bit over the top though. A man, ogre, goblin may dress in every colour they want. A beast can never choose it's skin tone. Lucrezzia's horse has a black fur, the cat like creature under youre general is painted like a cat like creature, the wolves are brown or gray. Still the dragon has the same colour as the "dress code" of youre army. Having Asarnil dress up in the "Army dress code" would look more natural. (as natural as fantasy can get..)

It is fantasic Mouse. I like it, it is well painted and has personallity!
Who says dragons can't change the colour of their skin? Chameleons can, so why not dragons?

Still looks good Mouse
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True mr Baumann, very true.
Green dragon, white dragon, black dragon..... chameleon skink.... hmmm I never heard of a chameleon dragon before... awell, maybe that is the great conversion project someone is waiting for here Wink
great amry and i like the home made rinox riders
[Image: slayerbanner.jpg]

[Image: piratelogo222.jpg]
very good army!
[Image: bannermetal4.jpg]
maybe the army gets its colours from the dragon,not the other way round, looks good to me.
Mouse, where did you get your leader unit? you know, the one that looks like a roman?
That's Lorenzo Lupo, the special character. You can sometimes pick one up on Ebay
This is my Admin voice, when i use it i am invoking the power of the great Moderating Lords. Learn to fear it mortals!
what colors did you use on the elf riding the dragon i would like to know i love that colors please could you tell me
[Image: slayerbanner.jpg]

[Image: piratelogo222.jpg]
I can't but I recognise turquoise when I see it
Love the Polor Warbears and the snow leopard. The Mordheim pistoliers always remind me of The Brotherhood of the Wolf/Le Pacte des loups (The Pact of the Wolves)
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Looks great Mouse! And I agree on the hero in the second picture: love that model (just like your general btw)

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Nice army ! Very good colours and quite unique .
Thanks everybody, I really appreciate it. This forum is a such a good place to get re-excited about my Dogs again. I have a game coming up and I plan on bringing a Dogs of War list.

Funny how one's taste changes over the years. When I was putting together my mercs I was all about a solo theme and uniformity. Now I am working on a Dawi army and my emphasis is low fantasy and gritty.

Kera, I truly don't remember what color mix I used. It was a few years ago and I was using Reaper paints. I just can't think of the names though. I even went to Reaper's website but the names just don't sound familiar.

Anyway, here are a couple of more pics for you guys.

[Image: Manflayers.jpg]
I have used them only once in a game. A lot of fun but they are so expensive.

[Image: Ruglud.jpg]
Ruglud's Ladz. I have used them recently in a Mordheim campaign

[Image: hotpot.jpg]
What Dogs of War army would be complete with out a hot pot.
[Image: banner-1.jpg]

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