Tutorial Subsection to Painting & Modelling Forum
Chaos Dwarfs Online, being a creative hobby hub from the very start, have a larger hobby section than does most forums. Though it might not be of interest for this site to expand its own hobby forum section to the full extent which CDO has done, it should be apparent that there is something to gain from having a dedicated Tutorial section, i.e. only for tutorials and not for tutorial requests (those would go in M&P general). The ease of finding tutorial resources should not be underestimated in the longer scheme of things. Nurture your forum as a hobby hub, and keep a handy record of tutorials in a way which no Facebook thing ever can do.

As for tutorials, would it make sense to have them broken down into the subsections Modelling Tutorials and Painting Tutorials? Would make it even easier to find what one is looking for, especially when the mass of material grows in time.

Just an idea. Smile

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