The most trusty Mercs in the universe!
Hi fellow Mercs, I'm a long time returnee to my first love, the infamous Dogs of War. But I'm not surprised to see after almost 20 year since 1998, the Dogs' human ranges still stand as the best mass-combat sculpts GW and Perry bros ever graced the miniature world. Now my target is getting at least 36 of each Alcatani Fellowship, Republican Guards, Leopards and Lost Legion to feature in my self-play game (I'm probably the only Warhammer Fantasy, not least Dogs of war player in the whole country I'm currently residing  Undecided) Ebay bidding wars have been exorbitant so far but I have managed to get on 36 Alcatanis and 32 Republican guards. This thread will be the chronicle of the work I do to revive my long dormant affection of my youth.

First in the line of honor is Lorenzo Lupo, my favorite and most used Mercenary General (in the house rule, his shield can stop D3 attacks but only from one attacker, like in the 5th Edition).

[Image: 1NZB4Hw.jpg]

[Image: JjErVtQ.jpg]
Now to the most classical, iconic, misunderstood and vilified unit in the entire army. Ladies and gentlemen, the Alcatani Fellowship!

[Image: MXt32U3.jpg]

[Image: Z11h049.jpg]

[Image: 7UkA2vR.jpg]

It is pretty tragic that such glorious pikemen have been the fall of my army many times (their goblin-like stats no doubt contributed to the cause). So now, it's for best of all parties concerned, they just pose as normal pikies (with the 1+ AS from the merchant prince as their good look is worth!)
Next stop is the Merchant Prince on Horse or Borgio the Besieger if circumstances arrive. No way I would collect that PoS which is the old Citadel Borgio miniature Dodgy 

[Image: Htrrdp1.jpg]

[Image: rHYAKen.jpg]
I like these silvery / steel Dogs of War!
Former Dogs of War General from 5th Edition Fantasy Battles, now retired
This is a awesomely great and well painted army! Great job and keep it up!

Those pikeman are very crisp and clean in terms of painting and the colors really pop.
Thank you, Hwang and especially Willmark, your perseverance to maintain this site against all the odds deserves the greatest respect from me.

Next in line is my generic pikemen, who, in the case of Tileans or historical Renaissance, are anything but generic!

[Image: vFpA9wF.jpg]

[Image: UXrPiE4.jpg]

[Image: KEsDkXe.jpg]

These are the Perry's, so they share the same fathers with our classic Mercs. The WoTR Mercs are probably one of the most successful plastic boxes the Perry have ever sold independently but I still think they are noway near ground-breaking as the brothers' metal Dogs of War lines while they still worked for GW.

By the way, those fellas with long shafts above get supported by this this train of cannons (I have never used the hotpot in my entire life Angel)

Bronzino's Galloper Gun
[Image: 89cuN6i.jpg]

Just vanilla Cannon
[Image: kk2APJe.jpg]
(01-30-2017, 02:34 AM)mahbruck Wrote: Thank you, Hwang and especially Willmark, your perseverance to maintain this site against all the odds deserves the greatest respect from me.
No problem, happy to provide a site for the wayward mercenaries of Warhammer to gather. I look it as keeping the flickering light of Dogs of War alight.

And if possible these pikeman are even better than your previous ones. Those banners are unbelievable.
(01-30-2017, 08:18 PM)Willmark Wrote:And if possible these pikeman are even better than your previous ones. Those banners are unbelievable.

Nah, no way I have the patience to paint them like the Alcatanis', which are true freehanded (apart from Regimental banner). These are just soft paper copies of historical French and Burgundian flags, washed and highlighted, that's all.
My next project is the most pretty of them all, the Ricco's lads, but I really don't know how long can I finish since I absolutely want them to be the most stonking possible  Tongue. In the meantime, there may be some small units, duellists, light cav, characters etc... and video battle reports. Hopefully you guys will enjoy them. Cheers.
K good didn't want to think I was that bad at banners Wink
Ricco's are great, except for the pikes. OMG. So many broken bitz over the years.
Former Dogs of War General from 5th Edition Fantasy Battles, now retired
That's a nice pile of lead!
Lads, finally I finished my first Video Battle Report concerning Dogs of War. All comments, suggestions with battle plan are welcome. Cheers.
Oi lads! After sometime I have finally finished some Dogs of War boys and trust me, those superbly detailed fellas took long time to paint.

My Merchant Prince with Crossbow or he can perfectly presume the role of Marco Colombo

[Image: KNDl5Lh.jpg]


[Image: b0OY7W1.jpg]

And the greatest human Crossbow unit in the entire game, Luka Braganza's Besiegers (it's a joke, alright!)

[Image: jO7wjp3.jpg]

[Image: JPhmNFq.jpg]

[Image: OnS2eS9.jpg]
Impressive stuff, keep it coming!
Took long time but finally completed these beaux.

Gentlemen, the legendary Marksmen of Miragliano!

[Image: Pyy8RUe.jpg]

[Image: 1RlbpJm.jpg]

[Image: Z56joUZ.jpg]

[Image: BEe8K9T.jpg]

[Image: BnqQruh.jpg]

[Image: y4jBwpn.jpg]

Next is definitely Ricco's hot boys! Stay tuned...
Absolutely fantastic paint jobs!
Indeed the amount of detail makes "the oldies" look fantastic! It also makes me jealous as to the amount of time you have to spend on painting......I wish sometimes I had that amount of time!
Photobucket just changed its Terms of Service on 20th June that screwed a massive amount of people, including me. Now you can't link your photos or do 3rd party hosting them if somehow your public photos have stepped over an amount of attention (bandwidth), which absurdly no customer would be able to judge. Or you can 'simply' pay a instant package from 100 to 400 buck (there is no monthly plan even!) A scam of the highest order imho. Sorry if most my photos just disappeared from this forum. Time to move to another hosting after decades methinks.
I finally recovered from the Photobucket fiasco (nah, actually just a dozen of pictures, I know someone who lost like 4000 pics in their blogs). Just edited and added several more pictures of each regiments, including new Bronzino.

Also here is Cesare Borgio, son of Borgio the Besieger, dressed in Empire fashion (dad sent him there to study and cuckold half of Imperial men just to spite Karl Franz  Wink )

[Image: 7AGmkCs.jpg]

If you guys are still interested in new monthly produced Battle Reports concerning Dogs of War and Regiments of Renown, go check my plog at
As always fantastic stuff. I'm in the process of dealing with the great PhotoBucket Purge of 2017 too.

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