Araby Adventures
Hey all,

I've been working on a party of Araby-themed characters for Age of Sigmar or D&D. My goal was to have each class in 5th edition D&D represented. I also wanted quite a few of the models to be both mounted and on foot. There are a lot of Dogs of War minis in the group. Here's what I have so far:

The Fighter--Al Muktar's Desert Dog and vesperro's vendetta Duelist

[Image: image_zps2brco7mn.jpeg]

The Cleric: Mydas the Mean and his Paychest

[Image: image_zpskoo3g6qy.jpeg]

The Rogue: Skull Pass Goblin Champion
The Barbarian: Araby Maneater

[Image: image_zps3i1iebtp.jpeg]

Orangutan Animal Companion (or possibly a Rogue): 40K Jokaero Weaponsmith

[Image: image_zpso6b0ffjg.jpeg]

The Sorcerer: Sheikh Yadosh

[Image: image_zpsqcnkbdm4.jpeg]
[Image: image_zps4g1pyqgk.jpeg]

Just a few more to go! Watch for updates in the coming weeks.
Here are a few more:

The Ranger (Dark Elf assassin)

[Image: image_zpsnxotzevf.jpeg]

The Bard (Lahmian Vampire)

[Image: image_zpsuir9ubs5.jpeg]
Thanks! Here is the next in the series:

[Image: image_zpsublvhton.jpeg]

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