And Hell's Comin' with me! My Western Town
Howdy Pard's!

This is the start of my blog for my western town that will be at first utilized for Warhammer Historical- Legends of the Old West and eventually for my own western game, Hurled into Eternity or even games of Boot Hill.

Right now its at its earliest stages with the main boards undercoated and some test flock and stones. I'm out of Woodland Scenics tubs of flock so I'll have to pick up a few more. You'll notice that instead of some desert town "somewhere in the American South West" like every other town out there I went a different route. In my case I used my Time-Life Old West series and picked up the Loggers, what a great idea! Every western town has to have a basis of an economy so my would be timber. I envision the town somewhere in northern Colorardo, western Wyoming or Montana where there were plenty of real life western towns. So while I love the movie Tombstone I used the movie Unforgiven with the town of Big Whiskey as my inspiration: a withered, washed out look will apply to the buildings.

The terrain boards will all be turfed and sprayed to keep the flock down, but I'm going to make muddy roadways through the town that will be brown and simulating churned mud.

I have yet to settle on models but and leaning towards Black Scorpion's Tombstone line.

So here is the start, the town of Timber Ridge, a town obviously fueled by logging but a place where desperadoes, cowboys and lawmen battle it out! In this photo you can also see the balsa wood supplies, but of more importance is the card board square. I'm going to cut it down a bit but that is teh next building: it will be a corral with a small shed.
[Image: file_zps8iisxyyr.jpg]

This building represents my fist try. I've created tons of terrain over the years but needed to get back in the saddle as it were (see what I did there?)
Its a simple hardware store and a nearby a lumber pile representing the town economy. It was a simple matter of grabbing some small branches and sticks and cutting them to represent logs. The hardware store was likewise a test building to try some stuff out along with the sign post to delineate the entry to the town. 
[Image: file_zpsrz8ag6uj.jpg]

[Image: file_zps2qjlk9ue.jpg]

I completed a small corner of the first board to test out how I wanted to turf it. For future I'm going to paint the stones first then flock. I added a few small removable pine trees just to give it some effect. Later on I'll be getting some larger ones from a train shop.

Next up is the next building that is almost complete: the Sheriff's office/jail. I basically followed some pictures I followed from a Google search as I really liked the look of it. The jail cells are going to be painted stone so I just directly glued the gravel to the side. The building is sided with craft sticks with the round edges cut off. I just need to finish one side of the posts in front and the bask steps plus the stove pipe in the roof and its done.
[Image: file_zps4xzk9c48.jpg]

[Image: file_zpsdulcf4du.jpg]
That's all for now. I like the progress so far and I am eager to create more. After the corral I'm thinking a barn, the first saloon with balconies and a few houses.
Update 2
Doesn't look like I've done much but with a crazy busy week at work I did get some time in on the western town of Timber Ridge. As you can see from the photos I've started on a corral as well. Overall I've also been working on getting the main game boards ready with gluing rocks down. The plan is to prime and they paint them like I do with my other terrain. The reason is the plain gray stones look to flat in terms of color. Once done its simple matter to flock them.

I thought I had more flock then I did so I had to get a bunch more but of course the store didn't have exactly what I was looking for so I switched gears a bit. On the other edges near the rocks the flock will be green and towards the middle it will move to brown flock. This will work well as I'm planning modular thoroughfare/street pieces that will be mud filled and wagon rutted.

[Image: file_zpsnqdolajo.jpg]

[Image: file_zpsev8c9ruv.jpg]

First off is the Marshal's office/jail. Right now its about 60% complete. What I'm trying to do is paint it sloppily. In the old west precision was not the order of the day as people threw up buildings really quickly in the boom/bust cycle of a town. That is to say nothing of painting buildings. Since this isn't the ACTUAL Old West a certain amount of liberty can come into play. Timber Ridge is a rough and tumble town but the Marshal's office isa bit better in terms of construction, fit and finish.

[Image: file_zpsgrlk0x3l.jpg]

I usually don't show WIP photos but the Marshal's office is coming along nicely. I couldn't wait to put the wanted poster up so I nabbed them from the internet, shrunk them down and printed them off on the laser printer.

[Image: file_zpsyp0yfjxj.jpg]

Next terrain piece up is the as yet unnamed corral. I'm really liking this piece as its super simple and the material list is likewise simple:
  • cardboard
  • foamboard
  • craft sticks
  • glue
  • wooden branches cut to size with a coping saw.
For some reason I'm really looking forward to finishing it. Following the basic plan from some of the photos in the Legends of the Old West rule book but expanded the small shelter. The corral will have a muddy paddock with small stones and gravel along with the simulated mud.

[Image: file_zpsln034n3u.jpg]

Next up is going to be some more challenging buildings like the saloon, undertakers and perhaps some residential buildings. All are going to have balconies and the various posses and outlaw gangs need places to fire from. A water tower is in the plans as well.

As a closing note: an unintended bonus of choosing a Old West town set in a northerly climate? The fact I can use the trees from my regular whamming collection for Warhammer! Woot! In fact I'm in the process of repainting and flocking the bases for them.

That's all for now.

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