A trebuchet by Willmark????
So I've been creating all kinds of terrain and models while working on three armies, its madness in the Willmark Man Cave! So what do I do? Naturally I create some siege weapons, for Hashut only knows why. In the background of the first pics you can see the book I copied the plans out YEARS ago

But the kicker? I of course have to make my trebuchet functional, here it is:
[Image: file_zps8nemjwnv.jpg]

[Image: file_zpscbvnalrh.jpg]

[Image: file_zpsdwht5y1m.jpg]

[Image: file_zpsvm5uateq.jpg]

[Image: file_zpspmrdbehe.jpg]

Still a bit to go but as you can see I've started painting it and the swing arm and basket for the rocks is loaded and glued. My intention was just to make one for siege games, but being a mad hatter I had to make it fully functional.

I also made it generic enough that it can be used by my different armies rather then one specifically.
what did you use for size gage? the mordheim ladders?
Nope that's not a Mordheim later. Just eye balked it and used a 25-28mm mini for scale.
Looks good! And it really fires?
It should. I hope within the next week to have the sling portion of the arm complete, once din I can test fire.
How is the trebuchet, does it fire?
Haven't had much time with this yet. Still too cold here to take it outside.

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