Female Dogs of War miniatures!
Hi fellow generals!

I've come across a Kickstarter that may of interest to some of you, I'm really exited about it and in fact is the reason I'm planning a whole new Dogs of War army...
If the image above catches your attention come take a look here:  [Image: description] 

Project is fully funded and if we reach the $70 dollar stretch goal each 20 figure set of Shieldmaidens will include enough extras to make up either the standard figures OR Rangers armed with crossbows.

There's some great add-ons being unlocked too, who doesn't like bears?

Just so you know, I'm just a backer spreading word to those who might be interested. I can happily try and answer questions but the Shieldwolf guys are almost constantly present in the comment section and are really open and helpful.

Pretty cool looking. They had my money at Battle-Yak. :-)
too bad they don't have ideal payment option, otherwise I would be in for about 250 gold!
(02-25-2016, 07:58 PM)Sharkbelly Wrote: Pretty cool looking. They had my money at Battle-Yak. :-)
There's been talk of people ordering entire herds!

Would paypal be better?
no PayPal for me! Like I said I prefer, no, only do by, ideal! Shy
Oh! iDEAL, I understand now : )
This sums it up quite well:

[Image: bear_cavalry_meme_zpscmb5njkk.png]
HAHA! Hopefully that'll be case. I'm also getting these which are discounted as a add-on:


Never did get GWs White Lions to work for my Wildcats.
Fortunately the internet has you covered there too. Although probably more appropriate to my Nippon army in progress.

[Image: tiger.jpg]
Ah Nippon, one of the many directions GW could have gone with Fantasy to reinvigorate it.

Edit: The Shieldmaidens have now reached the 55k mark which means they now include extra heads, extra armoured bodies and command sprues in every box of 20.

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