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[1st WFRP] a different Campaign World
This has always intrigued me, I don't think I've ever seen even a fan made alternative world for WFRP. The Old World is cool but if I ever run a game I think I'd create my own wold whole cloth as it were.

Anyone else have this thought?
Could be Interesting.
Also known as Dwi 
My idea is somewhat song the lines of the Shatterworld series by Michael Reeve.
So far here is where I'm at: Been playing WFRP 1st edition on and off since the late 80s. Love the game and have played and GM'ed the classic TEW campaign and all.

Problem is while I love the WFRP world... I a bit tired of it, unthinkable I know considering I play WFB and have been active in that scene to quite some time as well.

So with all that said I've embarked on my own campaign world for WFRP which I have not seen very many people do. Most of the objections I hear are that rules are tied to the campaign so tightly. I think they are to a degree, but its not impossible to uncouple. So to that end working on the deities and backstory now for a different campaign world, and rough ideas I have so far:

1. The world is grim dark, (duh right Wink
2. The world is one of lots of coast lines. This is more of a correction to my last 2nd edition AD&D campaign world that was too land-locked.
3. The world was massively changed by a supreme evil entity (in terms of geography) who is the sole dark power. She has receded into the background as the world has recovered over the last centuries.
4. While the evil entity has receded she did wipe out a good swath of the "good" deities. 7 now remain whom all races worship to varying degrees. Monster and evil types worship the evil deity. The Old Faith remains as is.
5. With the evil deity in the background, her minions are not... The Ten (her servitors) roam the world, think the Ten who were Taken from the Black Company books that I've yet to flesh out. EDIT: I should add that I'm drawing some influence for them from the good-bad movie 13 Ghost Shocked as well as the Black Company books.
6. The Dwarfs had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time when the evil entity altered the world, in other words her world shattering/altering leveled the traditional dwarf holds. As result the dwarfs are a people without a homeland. They are wanderers, vagabonds, not the mighty smiths of old. This has the practical effect of having lots of potential for exploring dwarven ruins in the campaign world.
7. Halflings are not cute and cuddly hobbits of most game systems. In this world they are scheming little buggers who would steal from a person as look at them.

These are just some of my ideas. At this early stage I'm still finishing up the deities, the Eight and the Destroyer deity in the style of the cults in the WFRP. I've also sketched out the world campaign map on a large scale to give me some ideas of scale, etc.

I know someone else has probably created their own world but looking on the web has produced very few results.

Oh and this is in no way to denigrate the Old World, I love it and on fact may use the Oldenhaller contract, but modify it heavily as a start.

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