Art Gallery Started
Fellow Dogs of War Generals!

You can now find a sub-forum here called the Art Gallery. Fee free to start adding links to great art that can serve to inspire Dogs of War art and perhaps to get artists out there to consider creating some!

One thing to keep in mind mercenaries can come in many great forms. One of the best to utilize right now are the Free Companies form Essos in the World of the Song of Ice and Fire. Another great resource are the hundreds of Osprey military books (Two I have are The Armies of Agincourt- Book #113 & Louis VIV's Army- Book #203).

My samurai army is drawing some inspiration from the Windblown for instance.

So get cracking you mercenary scum!

Salutations, lads! I love sketching warhammer art and this thread drew me like a moth to the flame. I hope you like my art.
  Smile[Image: 1459320305085_zpseewmak9l.jpg]

(A character description by my friend, Xathrodox, about the officer of the regiment.)
Quote:As promised. Wink

"Leon Shadenkrad is a career officer, a paragon of virtue and justice amongst his men. This veteran of more than thirty years began his ilustrious career as a simple villager's son, who enlisted in the young age to escape poverty and his abussive father. After running away to Hergig he became a soldier in the pike regiment of Baron Albert Van Otz's army. Having always being a strong, stocky kid, as well as a fast thinker, he caught the eye of his peers, who promoted him to regiment's leader in less than a year. From the battle at Wunderweiss Bridge to the slaughter of ten thousand orcs did Leon Shadenkrad distinguished himself time and time again, earning the love and respect of his men, to whom he became like a father. In fact this jolly and staunch sigmarite always had time to listen to their problems and proved to be a reasurring and compasionate man, and not just a peerless warrior.

By the year 2522 Leon is in his late fifties, having already earned a dozen battlefield honors and a multitude of scars and honor wounds. Privately he likes to sing, altough not many know about this. Life of a soldier meant that he never managed to settle down and have a family, but he became the honorary god father to a couple of his soldier's children. Major Shadenkrad loves good food and a good drink, the rare albionian Whisky being his favorite. As for the dishes, he simply adores Blood Sausages from Ostland and Reikland's stuffed ducks in a raddish dressing. His men know that to present him with such delicacies is to calm his ire, not that they need to do this often. Being a devout sigmarite, Leon bears the Imperial Crosses on his armour, placed there by the grateful priests from the Heldenhammer's Temple in Olienkraz, which he helped defending against a great force of marauding greenskins.

Major Leon Shadenkrad is a perfect example of a noble imperial soldier. Altough not noble born, nor being particulary handsome and well-build, he commands the respect of his men and many innocents that helped to save, and is being content in just doing his duty, both to Sigmar and the Empire.
[Image: 1445470145558_zpscjlhsyk5.jpg][Image: 1444282341744_zpsuwrz15ou.jpg][Image: 1436415491171_zpscotbcsgu.jpg][Image: 1432853010912_zpstwpfhwpv.jpg][Image: 1432351017091_zpsqoejee4i.jpg]
Greetings! Great stuff!

I especially like this one:
 [Image: 1444282341744_zpsuwrz15ou.jpg]

Only advice I would give is you need to make these guys look more mercenary-ish for Dogs of War Wink
Ohh and for the future post them here:

Welcome to the site.

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