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Ever Played It?
Has anyone here ever tried one of the RPGs? I've played some 2nd edition as well as some the new one from Fantasy Flight games. Enjoyed both.
Yes I played some first edition warhammer fantasy, later some dark heresy and a couple of sessions of the space marine version. I do not know about second edition or the current fantasy flight versions. I can say I liked all of them but that, considering the fact that I am also a long time D&D player, I find them lacking in flexibility concerning classes and possible changing in carreer paths. Very deadly one and all. Although this is of course in keeping with the dark nature of the settings. Personally I prefer more D&D style rpg's. Currently rehashing the first adventure path of pathfinder rpg. Which our group has switched to since the release of 4th ed. D&D. Though I must say the current (5th ed.) D&D is a marked improvement over 4th. But as we made a serious investment in switching to pathfinder we are not yet willing to switch back to D&D. As several of the players prefer to work with actual books instead of pdf's. Aside from the rpg games we have regularly we also have a empire in flames (mordheim expansion) narative campaign going on.
1st edition WFRP despite its warts is all kinds of awesome.

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