Sharkbelly's Pirates Galore
The river trolls are great!
I have to agree with Wilmark. The Trolls are fantastic. As are the Dwarf Pirate-Slayers.
Also known as Dwi 
Next up are the undead pirates. The army started life as a unit of skeletons pirates that were Cursed Company in my Dogs of War army. It grew from there... This force tops out at over 100 wounds, but can scale down as needed.

It is lead by the Sartosan Vampire Lord on his flying boat (coven throne).
[Image: CovenThrone.jpg]

Here is a close-up of him.
[Image: DSCN0130.jpg]

There are also lots of skeleton crewmen and a vampire boatswain.
[Image: DSCN0120.jpg]

There is a pack of ghouls, the remnant of a group of marooned mutineers who resorted to cannibalism.
[Image: DSCN0115.jpg]

And, when necessary, there are ghostly spirits to be summoned.
[Image: DSC02651.jpg]
And now for something completely different. I discovered a youtube channel by a guy who makes very cool scenery for his D&D games. It inspired me to try a project.

I came up with the idea for making a set of dungeon tiles for below my castle.

[Image: image.jpg1_zpsjgcbc4ij.jpg]

I wanted the entire thing to be a little less than 4'x4' (the footprint of the castle) and include things like food and water storage, guard rooms, dungeons, etc.

They are made from heavy cardboard. They were then primed, covered in a coat of "make it stone", and then covered in another coat of dark grey primer.

[Image: Paints_zpsjryazevb.jpg]
[Image: Sprayed_zpsqc3jqpig.jpg]

After that, I dry-brushed them with a lighter grey to bring out the texture.

[Image: Finished_zpsu0duw3bl.jpg]

Here is the final result, populated with some Descent figures.

[Image: With%20Models_zpsxg3rhjjs.jpg]

Another quick project from the same youtube channel made up some beds for the troops barracks.

[Image: Bedrolls_zpsltahnun3.jpg]

When I get back to the states, I'll bring these with and populate more of the dungeon. I have an old model of the rack and a bid on a 28mm iron maiden to put in the torture chamber...
Yargh Matey! Need some dungeons below.

I'm liking the idea. Also think you need to make the fort more "pirate-y" Wink
I recently replaced all of the boarding pikes--which were scratch-made ten years ago--with some new fancy plastic ones. Here they are all painted.

[Image: image_zpso1h5ndyr.jpeg]
Tough to tell from the photo but it looks good.

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