New rules for Warhammer
Love them or hate them? Debate away.
AOS hate it! If for no other reason that one would/ will have to re-base all models. Also hate the space marine look of the new models for empire, and again no rules for dogs of War! The split into order, chaos, etc allowing to mix-mash models from different armies. Just hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOL, so tell us how you really feel. Ironically for someone like me who has lees time to play it makes sense.
To me it feels like this might be an intermediary version of the game. Perhaps intermediary is the wrong word transition might be better. The briefness of the core rules ( about 4 pages) leaves still a lot of room for discussion. The change to round bases would suggest to me that it might become more like 40k. The composition of armylists which can still be fielded as individual armies but also as forces of order chaos etc. by mixing models from different armies together contributes to the feeling that this is more of a transitory edition to something else....!?
As to feelings about it I liked the ranks of models, something one does not have in 40k. Never understood why Bretonnia did not get an update in the last edition. Last but not least I do not get a feeling that the balance has been restored to the game, it has become a totally different game-experience. I feel disappointed by the direction games workshop has taken with a game I have played for several decades.
Because Bretonnians sucks! Wink

I hear ya however on the rest. For me 3rd edition was my fav as was 5th. After that it's varying degrees of liking the rules.
AOS not to everyone's taste ! My friend plays it and I have been to one tourney in September for it with my Ogres . I have given it ago and will still play it now and gain . Sticking with 8th and playtesting Kings of War which is different but a mass fantasy battle system and u can use yer dogs !
I've been thinking about the future of this website and that's one possibility: use your Dogs of War force as a count as Empire army or go Kings of War, or both.

In fact some of the changes I've been making to the site has that in mind: more mercenary, less Tilea specific.
They are very different, that's for sure. However, I think there are some positives:

1. Very simple, easy to teach to new players

2. All rules are available for free, allows for easy creativity

3. Forces can be much smaller

I'm already working on turning a few of my old Dogs of War units into small forces. For example, my dark elf corsairs (which used to count as Mengil's Manflayers) are becoming a small force in their own right with the addition of a sorceress, kharibdyss, etc. I'm also looking at a Treeman & Dryads force with fenbeats standing in for Treekin.
Certainly another sensible alternative.
both would be NICE! But it would have to be done in such a way that confusion as to the game system would be nil.
The new rules are not Warhammer, period. I go for 9th age and Field of Glory.
No love for Kings of War? I'll admit im not as familiar with the rules but they look good. A faster version of Warhammer as it were.
There is another alternative! Avatars of war. Spanish, have their own model range, rules on line available, english version and spanish version. Their model range fits in very, very nicely with the GW models, imo better than the kings of war range.
These guys?
Looks really similar to Warhammer Wink
Yes, those guys, if you don't like the rules which are indeed very similar to GW then you should at least check out their model range.
I believe their main model designer used to work for GW!? Please correct me if I am wrong!
I must admit that last ime I checked their rules were very similar to 8th ed warhammer.
I got several of their hero characters, dark elves, and a unit of their slayers. The miniature dragon on the dark elf sorceress was a challenge to get the head to stick on properly but otherwise great looking and highly detailed models!
They get two big thumps up for the quality of their models.
So for those wondering keep an eye on this:

Interesting. Part that is interesting got me is that for me Dogs of War as they are traditionally configured don't fit my Warband of Nippon. Think about it. Pikes and crossbows is more European Renaissance rather then Feudal Japan with yari, katana and daikyu.
Fantasy gaming is completely dead in my group, due to factions wanting Kings of War and others wanting Age of Sigmar, and everybody hating 8th Edition.

Nevertheless, all else being equal, Age of Sigmar is the best home for Dogs of War, simply because there is the option not to play with points, or to mix-and-match freely within Order for a "Counts As" force. Or, to simply create a Dogs of War army as such (I've roughed out some units for the stuff I play). I am not bothered by the 4-page ruleset - it's just a resolution engine, and simpler is better than overcomplicated. Nor am I bothered by the option to use round bases, where previously models were square-based.

At least GW isn't passive-aggressively against Dogs of War like Ninth Age...
Former Dogs of War General from 5th Edition Fantasy Battles, now retired
The old versions of the game work.

Thats the ink Fantasy Players will have to grapple with. GW previously had moved everyone along to each new edition unlike TSR and Wizards with D&D. But now it finally happened.

Bottom line the old rule books and minis still work.

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