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Hello all!

I will hopefully be starting a blog soon featuring my latest army project - but first a little about me and why I am here in Oldhammer land...

I remember my first step into my local GW - mum was shopping across the road and she always took ages so I mad my escape. I walked in to this wondrous place... Walls packed with little see through boxes full of shiny stuff,racks of paint and this big, dominating table with a little battlefield modelled on top. The shop was busting and very loud. I was approached by a bouncing, happy, manic looking fellow in a GW branded polo shirt. He invited me over to the big table for a participation game (whatever that was??) and I squeezed between 2 guys at the table. Units were being allocated out amongst the various generals present, I trembled in trepidation as he got closer to me on the line - "I'm new" I thought " ill probably end up with a small easy to kill unit"... As the staffers gazed laid on me, time slowed, the words rolled from his mouth and travelled lazily over the table.... DURTHU... "Durth what now??"...Durthu, lord of the forest, treeman special character... Oh the devastation I would bring to our accumulated enemy, today would be a glorious day!

The staffer had finished allocating units out... How were we to decode who would go first? The staffer explained that we should scream a battle cry - WAAGGHH to be precise - and the louder side would be the stronger force and therefore would go first...we readied ourselves, a steely gaze from the enemy intending to put us off, a mighty roar rose from our side of the table,the walls shook, the windows vibrated - from that moment I was hooked!

Mum was never happy with the hobby - it was a waste of money to a woman who had scrimped and saved to give me the best she could after my father left us so I had very little of my own and spent most Saturdays 'borrowing' store models to play in big games always looking at the collections of others with awe and jelousy...

Fast forward 20 years to today and I have played and collected almost every army produced by GW at various points through my hobby career and have become disillusioned with each of them. The newer plastic kits are all excellent but never fit the image I have in my head. I know work a good job and earn an amount that allows me to keep my own house for me and my partner, treat my old mum here and there and pay for my own models - models that I looked upon with hollow hope 20 years ago. An now be mine!

I always liked the character behind the Dogs of War models... The models look uniform enough yet with such difference in each unit that they were easily recognisable. I would never have been able to afford even 1 model back in my youth - now however I am going to fufill my dream army...

Hopefully you will follow my adventure collecting, painting and playing an army I have lusted after for 20 years...

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