Carpe Noctem Presents the Golden Bat Competition 2014
Carpe Noctem Presents

The Golden Bat Competition 2014

Sponsored by Mantic Games

[Image: mantic(1).jpg]
I am very pleased to announce the return of Carpe Noctem's Golden Bat Competition, with revamped (pun intended Smile ) rules and £200 worth of prizes to be won!

The competition has painting and converting categories, including sections for non-vampire counts models. In addition a tier system is in place so no matter your skill level, you can still join in and have fun.

To find out more details and read the rules in full, please visit the following link: Golden Bat Competition 2014

Any questions, please feel free to ask and good luck to all those who enter.

Disciple of Nagash
Carpe Noctem Owner and Administrator

Note to Mods: This post was made in-line with a news exchange agreement made a few years ago with the sites admin. If there are any problems with this post, please let me know.
Just updated the competion link as we have changed our forum software.
Another update!

The entry restriction on the Zombie Points has been lifted (it was applied in error to the non-VC categories anyway). Therefore, just to clarify:

VC Categories: Minimum of 50 posts to enter (as their are monetary prizes, it is to ensure that the winners have contributed to CN)
Non-VC Categories: No entry requirements, but you do get a nice medal and the pride of knowing you were the best. Members from other forums are joining in as well, so in a way it is like an open inter-forum category.

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