M4cR1II3n's Kislevites
New week, new army. This time showing off my currently smallish Kislev army. I plan to expand it a lot more in the future!

Tzarina Katarin:
[Image: 2014-04-05+10.37.05.jpg]

[Image: 2014-04-05+10.37.31.jpg]

Priest of Ursun:
[Image: 2014-04-05+10.38.11.jpg]

Hetman, or Boyar with BSB (he has two on his back!)
[Image: 2014-04-05+10.38.33.jpg]

Ice Witch:
[Image: 2014-04-05+10.38.56.jpg]
Picked this model up on ebay last week. Cost me almost £20, and would probably have cost me more had the seller actually tagged it as a Mordheim Kislev Ranger, so I guess I was lucky!

[Image: dmUG93jFvNoNyNnwsxxXEqnl693-BZ7obv0l827E...18-h810-no]

Now I just need the Bear Tamer and I'm all set with the official models! Well, aside from the remaining Mordheim Kislevites, but there are plenty of alternatives to those fortunately.

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