Millsy's Dogs of War - New Pics 19-04-14
Now those are some exalent moddles there. Might I also add however that those duelists may be misstaken for Ostermark Swordsmen by other players. You may wish to do something about that to avoid confuesion in future battles.
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Once again things have been a bit quiet but I am still working away. I've managed to amass a massive collection of models over the intervening time so stay tuned this year for more new additions.

In the interim here's another set of knights. You can read all about them here:

[Image: LosLionesDeLustria_02.jpg]

[Image: LosLionesDeLustria_01.jpg]

[Image: LosLionesDeLustria_03.jpg]

[Image: Los-Leones-de-Lustria.gif]
Very lovely painting there.
Indeed one of the best armies on the site.

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