Melchior's Dogs of War/Empire fusion project
I recently got a bit burned out after painting heaps of identical blue lizards and identical yellow italians and figured I needed something a bit more varied than that. I picked up a box of dwarf warriors on a whim, to play around with colors a bit. It was so nice not to be constrained by a paint scheme that I picked up some other stuff as well.

When a local gaming group started a paint and play campaign last year I figured I'd enter. I had some plans on going Empire but figured I'd probably get tired of that before too long. So instead I went Dogs of War, expecting to be steamrolled in the game but at least I'd have fun painting. Turns out, 8th gave some really needed life to the official list. I've also had a few chances to play with the unofficial list, which expanded the painting options quite a bit.

So, very losely, these are the conditions for my army:

- Everything should be based the same. This has turned out to be more important than I thought it would be.
- All models/units should have at least one of the colours red, green, blue or yellow in them. I've also used more or less the same colors for wood, metal, skulls and so on in each unit.
- The units should be playable as either something in official Dogs of War or unofficial Dogs of War, and preferably also Empire. I also add in anything that can be used in Storms of Magic.
- Table top standard. Some of my photos may look a bit over-wased, but that's the way I like to paint. I loooooove Devlan Mud.

I will post battle reports from the recently started 2011/2012 paint and play campaign here:

And now for the actual army. Format is "Name of model/box" (What you can play it as)


Leopold's Leopards (Leopold's Leopards/Pikemen/Spearmen)

[Image: pikemen.jpg]

Turns out someone in my city had left a heap of pikemen in his garage about a decade ago. I ordered some extras to beef the unit up a bit. They've let me down every time I've played with them, but at least they look nice.

Militia/State Troops (Duelists/Free Company)

[Image: duelistsk.jpg]

I've bought a whole bunch of militia boxes over the years. You can make just about anything with them. I usually run my duelists in a small group with pistols, but I have enough to go with bucklers, extra hand weapons or whatever. I also kitbashed a command group with some extra empire bits. I also tried out a few State Troops. Normally I hate the models, but this time I replaced almost all of the heads and went with weapon posing that makes it easier to rank them up, then went nuts with the color and patterning. I also didn't spend too much time on the details like skulls, feathers and daggers that just bogged me down last time.

Militia (Crossbowmen/Free Company)

[Image: crossbowmen.jpg]

You get a whole bunch of crossbows in the militia box, so I've made a couple of these over time. They look okay, but I think I'll stop at two units of 10 and then maybe get a box of proper empire crossbowmen after that.

Knights (Heavy Cavalry/Voland's Venators/Knights/Captain)

[Image: volands.jpg]

Here I went with a more uniform scheme, which I think went well for such a small unit. I've mostly played this as Voland's early on when I didn't have much other core painted, since it's an easy way to fill up your core requirement. I think just going 5 knights and musician upgrade works best, though.


Dwarf Warriors (Mercenary Dwarves)

[Image: dwarves.jpg]

This was the first box I picked up for this. It was surprisingly fun to paint the beards. I've added in some stuff from the battle for skull pass box, but I will probably replace that with proper warriors later. These dwarves has been my most reliable unit in pretty much every match.

Bulls (Mercenary Ogres)

[Image: ogresz.jpg]

I think the basic ogre models are a bit too static to make a whole army of them, but they are super-easy to build and paint and packs a good punch on the field. I'm tempted by some of the finecast models to use for a man eater, but those cost a bit too much cash for my liking.


Artillery (Hot Pot/Mortar/Cannon)

[Image: warmachinest.jpg]

Unfortunately I hadn't been able to get the 'right' models for the Hot Pot, but I figure a group of generic artillery would work best. I'm currently painting mode empire artillery with replaceable mortar/cannon parts and will probably replace that battle for skull pass cannon.


BSB and Merchant (Paymaster/BSB)

[Image: paymasters.jpg]

I started with a normal empire BSB as my paymaster, but eventually upgraded to a more suitable model. I generally use the BSB if I want to run with a great weapon. The empire general box has some really cool bits, so I went for something eyecatching.

Wizards (Wizards)

[Image: wizardsd.jpg]

I got some cheap High Elf mages from the new starting set. Amazing model, but kinda limited to one per army since they all look the same. The empire wizard box on the other hand offers much more variety. I think they suffers from too much robe, making some spots really hard to paint, but you can really customize them for each lore. These ones are for Beasts, Heavens and Death.

Bretonnia Pegasus Knight (Captain on pegasus)

[Image: pegasusn.jpg]

I think I should have spent a little bit more time on this one, to be honest, but it came out okay. I like painting individual models like this, and this size of model is still pretty easy to finish up in a day or two. Fun to play with due to the great mobility.

Dwarf Thane (Goldseeker)

[Image: goldseeker.jpg]

Battle for skull pass came with this guy. Not too fond of the model itself, so I just gave him a pretty basic paintjob. I haven't actually played with a goldseeker yet, so no idea if he's of any use.

Militia/General/State Troopers (Captains)

[Image: captainsn.jpg]

When I want a bit of a break from painting a whole unit I usually kitbash a character and paint it up. I love how you can make empire/dogs of war characters out of pretty much anything. I've gotten a load of mileage from the general box in particular.


High Elf Dragon (Dragonlord/Imperial Dragon)

[Image: dragonlord.jpg]

This one was a blast to paint. It was a lot less fragile than I thought when I looked at the box and despite it's big size didn't take long to paint at all. The character is detachable and I am making a Karl Franz to put there too. I also added some extra details to the base. The only annoyance is that it's very hard to transport to and from battles.

Bretonnia character (Hippogryph/Gryphon)

[Image: hippogryph.jpg]

Bought this one used, so I have no idea what character this is supposed to be. I figure I can use it in Storms of Magic if I leave the knight off. This one was a real pain to put together since it's all metal (lots of pinning) but painting it was fun. Lots of neat patterning on the wings and skin.
Work in progress:

Warlord Games Roman Legionaires (Militia/Spearmen)

[Image: romanso.jpg]

I got these mostly to check out the Warlord Games plastic ranges. I think they fit okay with GW models, but I'm not too impressed by the actual models. They were dirt cheap but just too boring for me.

Perry Miniatures Samurai/Greatsword/High Elf Spearman (Light Cavalry/Marauders/Greatsword/Mercenary Elves)

[Image: wipmr.jpg]

Various stuff I'm in the middle of painting. I REALLY like the samurai model (got a few just to check them out) but the horse looks really tiny next to my games workshop knights. Would be nice with some fast cav and there aren't any clear cut warhammer models for those.

The greatsword isn't washed yet so it's a bit too bright here. I am working on the rest of a box of them and will probably expand into a full unit. Greatswords are a bit expensive, but the models are really well done. I was a bit worried that it would be tricky to get the arms in place (that's usually a problem with two handed weapons) but they were made so well it was a snap to build them. I think they deserve a bit more detail than my militia, so I'm not rushing these.

The elf is part of a full block of spearmen. They've been on hold for a bit since I can't use them in my current campaign, but it's good to have something to pull out and paint every few weeks.
Btw, what are your opinion on using non-gw models for dogs of war? How well do they fit together with the gw ones?
Looks like a nice start! As for using non-GW models, go for it (as you already have to some extent). It all depends on what models you actually want to use, some fit better, some don't fit at all. If you are looking for more pikemen or crossbowmen, I really recommend the mercenary set from perry miniatures, they fit great with the old Dogs of War models due to having the same sculptors.
I got another unit of pikemen at the same time as my Leopold's, but I haven't started on them. I'll get to them eventually, I guess. I did pick up some crossbowmen from Perry, but I haven't had the time to paint any of them yet.
Nice work so far! I too am a fan of using alternate miniatures in my army. Knights are always the trickiest due to GW knights scaling to be about 7 foot tall monsters (while the chaos knights are like 9 feet tall, lol). I say as long as the unit is all the same manufacturer, its usually not a problem. That being said, I am picky on which manufacturer I use, as some I find too small to pretend they fit in.

I just got some of the WG romans myself. I think they are very nice models, and the details come out wonderfully. Are you saying they are boring because they are all posed and equipped the same? I think that was the point of the roman sets... but hey, at least they aren't napoleonics!

Keep up the good work!
They are very well detailed, and I think the command group looks really nice. However, for the rank and file, you have to use the same pieces over and over. The same bits are even reused on the same sprue, so on in the end you only have about 3-4 different versions of each body part, for 27 rank and file soldiers. This is further limited if you want to use a certain type of weapon, then you have two alternatives.

Personally I think that it's exactly since romans are supposed to have such an uniform look that they needed more variation in posing and details.
Put together an Empire Gryphon. I also have a rider here somewhere, but I haven't painted him yet. The wings are a bit too big to fit on the photo, unfortunately. I like this one a bit better than the Hypogryph I posted earlier because it's not as cartoonish and has a less stiff pose.

[Image: gryphon.jpg]

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