Fishin' for interest
So a few of us over on Animosity were thinking of pulling together an inter-site fluff project, wrapped around the whole storm-of-magic thing, in lieu of the rumored GW campaign which sadly does not seem to have ever materialized.

Now, I have scammed my way into being appointed Emissary to this here fine faction forum, and have come to gauge the interest in such an endeavor.

As I am led to understand it, this would be an exercise in collective storytelling, as in a general focus for the narrative is decided upon (I believe one of the suggestions involved a massive Orc Waaagh! into the Skavenblight-Miragliano region, to give an example) and then the players take it upon themselves to create characters and stories with which to fill out the section of the world just chosen.

Plot would be driven in general by the Scourge of the Storm not-campaign GW is running. An example- should the results show a sharp pull-ahead for the Bretonnians, the fluff would reflect this by including, say, a great victory by the tinnies over the Beastmen (or Orcs, or Warriors of Chaos, or Daemons, or whomever).

Anyone interested?
I'm currently a knight, but someday I have dreams of advancing to Asarnil Dragonlord.

Not a Bretonnian knight, though. I want to be one of those cool Arabyan Mamluks.

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