Dogs of War Armybook
It the case of better late then never (it case of featuring it here): the Dogs of War Army Book. Hats off to everyone who worked on it as its a fine achievement. Great Work there guys.

[Image: dowcover.jpg]

Links to the thread discussing the books:

Links to the downloads:

From M4cR1II3n:
"Today is a great day for you Dogs of War players! Because today we officially release version 4.0 of the list, fully updated to 8th edition with a complete background for the mercenaries of Tilea, an updated bestiary, army list, magic items and everything else you would expect from an army book (except for the gallery section, which you will have to live without for a while).

Also released is the accompanying booklet "Regiments of Renown" which lists all the famous RoR's made by GW from 1998 to 2005, a total of 27 regiments!

Numbering over 160 pages, this is the ultimate source of mercenaries for Warhammer ever made!

Please let us know of any bugs, misprints and the like you might encounter, and tell us how the list fares in your games if you playtest it, all to help us further improve the list in the future.

Happy gaming to you all!

Download links:

Alternative Download:
And Adepticon is using it, giving me justification for forcing others to let me use it against them!
I'm currently a knight, but someday I have dreams of advancing to Asarnil Dragonlord.

Not a Bretonnian knight, though. I want to be one of those cool Arabyan Mamluks.
Cool. Much like the Chaos Dwarf one, who needs GW? Wink

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