[8-14-18] Willmark's Warband of Nippon- Dogs of War 2nd/3rd edition style
Thanks I've got a mountain of stuff to actually paint let alone buildings.
Update #17

Finally! After purchasing the model when it came out, what was it 6-years ago??? I finally finished him, here I present: Vrollor the giant. Captured and enslaved by the as yet unnamed renegade Daimyo of my force and hauled back to Nippon in chains. Now he is kept penned up (lest he get into trouble) and herded into battle as needed.

As I noted prior I had briefly toyed with the idea of converting him into several forms and he languished for years unfinished. Finally a few days ago I decided to push through and compete the painting on him.

After the giant I've been working on my first batch of about 14 ninjas with 8 of them complete or nearing completion. I should have some shots of them up soon, but in the meantime enjoy:

[Image: warhammer_giant1.jpg]

[Image: warhammer_giant2.jpg]

[Image: warhammer_giant3.jpg]

[Image: warhammer_giant4.jpg]
20 Ashigaru Arquebusiers from Perry Miniatures have been secured!!!!
Update #18

A bunch of stuff in the works on this army, but I did manage to finish my first batch of classic Citadel Warhammer ninjas! Hope they look good and comments welcome. I should have some more photos of them shortly.

[Image: nippon_ninja1.jpg]
Next up is a the first Nippon rocket launcher. The crew is largely done as is the rocket launcher. Need to complete quite a bit on the scenic base. Pics to follow.
Update #19

How about that two updates in one night? Here is the Nippon Rocket Launcher after a fair amount of work, but its not done yet, so WIP. The guy holding the rocket and sword was missing the upper rocket part so I had to create a new one.

[Image: nippon_rocket_launcher1.jpg]

[Image: nippon_rocket_launcher2.jpg]

[Image: nippon_rocket_launcher3.jpg]

Very glad I got this model (I now have two). It might be my favorite Warhammer model from back in the day. A bummer it took me 6 years to paint it. Wink I still need to get the crewman with the fan. I have him for the second one I bought however.
Update #20

I took a step back & made some modifications to the Nippon War Rocket and while it was drying (no pics to show yet) I started to work on some more Nippon ninjas as well as some arquebusiers from the Samurai line from Perry Miniatures.

So far the movement base has sand ready for priming added (not shown in these pics). For 2nd edition Nippon list I'm using as the blueprint for the army, these guys fit perfect as the arquebusiers unit is a 0-20 choice; oh, look at that I have 20. One order from Perry Minis across the pond and one purchase off of eBay, score!

Here they are primed and ready to go under the brush:
[Image: nippon_hadngunners1.jpg]

If I had to guess the next off the table is the Nippon war rocket (still need one more crew member) and then the next batch of ninja. For the second Nippon War Rocket I need to think up a scenic base. I may add a cannon somewhere down the road as they are allowed them in 2nd edition rules and if I fielded my army as a 3rd edition Empire force or a count as 5th edition Dogs of War force.
Update #21
Man I've got to get a light to fill the front of these, even with the light box I created they are still coming out too dark. Anyways next batch of ninja are 99% complete, just a few more touch ups to the bases and we're in business. My guess is two more batches and I'll be through of the ones I have so far. Looks like I need to get back on the task of get the last few I need.

Colors are a bit monotonous but I think I want to keep them with the "" motif of black attire with red sashes, I'm using browns for sleeves and scabbards for contrast.

Front of the ninja
[Image: nippon_ninjas2.jpg]

Backs of the ninja
[Image: nippon_ninjas3.jpg]
Perhaps you should try making some suggesive red embroidery!? It will help breaking the monotomy and add some more color to the models. Smile  Otherwise looking good Willmark!!
Many thanks. I might try that, adding more brown will help too.
Sigh. Lucky me, I need to work on this thread after the "Great Photobucket purge of 2017".

Of potential interest to you, Wargames Foundry have acquired the rights and moulds for the old Citadel Ninja ans Samurai:

I wish you look extracting your pics from Photobucket and moving them to a better provider! (need to do that myself sometime...)
Zark not believe in Democracy. We go left!
Yeah I've been looking at WF for a while, just need to pull the trigger.
Yep I've been going through the thread and redoing the pictures and I'd say I'm about 80% of the way there. The good news is it has got me to a place where I'm actively starting to paint and have finished my first Nippon Rocket launcher a while back. But before I post those (I still need to take pics). I also have a lot of the ninjas complete.  I need to organize what I'm trying to accomplish with this army as its changed a bunch of times over the years.

Overall plan:
  • Allow for an army that is based on the 2nd Edition Nippon force and 3rd Edition Empire Force. The two lists and their compulsory choices work well (see below).
  • Allow for the army with some modifications be used as a 5th/6th edition Dogs of War force. This can be accomplished fairly easy but wouldn't feature too many pike armed units.
  1. 1 Giant- Can be used in 2nd/3rd, or 4th/5th but not if I field them as a "count as" Empire force for 3rd. In a 2nd Edition force a Nippon force can field a giant! Way cool! Big Grin Status: Complete.
  2. 1 Magician- A shoei priest mini which can be found in this blog. Can be used as intended in each iteration of the army. Status: Complete.
  3. 25 Ashigaru armed with light armor and hand weapons. Will be painted as a unit of ronin in keeping with my mercenary lord Damiyo. I have 17 now, more on the way (remaining minis to fill the ranks are coming from Wargames Foundry ). These are citadel minis and can be used in 2nd/3rd editions. The problem is if used for a 5th/6th Edition Dogs of War force there isn't a good fit except perhaps as Norse Marauders which seems a waste... Status: In Progress.
  4. 25 Ashigaru armed with spears. I may add shields if I can find the right type. In 2nd/3rd they fit either list well: As Ashigaru in the 2nd edition Nippon list; spearmen or armed with pikes  in the Empire list  as "count as" Ersatzsolders. For 5th/6th Edition Dogs of War they fit as Pikemen. Because of this I might not give them shields as I noted above. Minis are all secured, I bought a plastic Ashigaru set from Wargames Factory. They are decent minis, but a bit small. I even made one kamikaze warrior armed with gunpowder kegs and charges for 2nd/3rd edition games. Status: In Progress.
  5. 35 Ninja out of the 48 that GW made for the Nippon line. Obviously in a 2nd Edition Nippon force I'd use them as ninja of which you can have 0-3. They don't really fit a 3rd Edition Empire force except for Ersatzsolder again. In a Dogs of War force they make perfect "count as" Duelists armed with additional hand weapons. Status: In Progress.
  6. 20 Arquebuisers- Again for 2nd Edition Nippon and as a count as Empire force these fit perfectly and in both lists they are 0-20. I already have 20 Perry Miniatures for this unit which i got of eBay at a really good price. Status: In Progress.
  7. 2 Nippon War Rockets- Obviously in the Nippon list no issue. For 3rd Edition? the rules are present but no army can field them in Warhammer Armies... So I'd have to house rules these for 3rd. In a Dogs of War force they become "count as" Halfling Hot Pots... Confused Status: 1 In Progress; 1 Complete.
  8. 8 Ninja- These are extra ninjas I've picked up in various purchases and are duplicates of ones I already have. They would be skirmisher Ashigaru in 2nd. For 3rd they would be skirmishing Bergjaegers. They really don't really work in the Dogs of War concept unless as skirmishing Duelists which might be the way to go. Status: In Progress.
  9. 6 Samurai- Earliest stages of assembling this unit. My upcoming Wargame Foundry purchase however will fill this unit up. Not sure of the final size will be (a YTBD). No problems in the Nippon list and in 3rd Edition as an Empire force? Count as Rieksguard all the way! for Dogs of War? Really would have to go as either Norse Marauders or "count as" dwarfs?
  10. 7 Samurai Archers- Like the Samurai above these minis I've been picking up as I go. The twice mentioned Wargames Foundry purchase will add another 3... So this could be a bit of a wait here. Used as Samurai in 2nd. As Forestjaegers in the Empire force. The problem is Dogs of War since they are predicated on crossbows rather then bows. Really no way to use this unit in 5th/6th.Status: In Progress.
  11. 8 Ogres- Mercs that can be used as it across all the editions I've been mentioning! Huzzah! In the Nippon and Empire forces as mercenaries and in the Dogs of War configuration as Special choices. The minis are already complete as part of my Regiments of Renown.  Status: Complete.
  1. 20 Crossbowmen- for the minis I'm looking at these guys: Warring State Qi Chinese & More from the same range  along with 4 to form a Command Group. In 2nd and 3rd they function perfectly for each list and work in Dogs of War. The idea here is they are mercenaries from Cathay, lured by the promise of the riches my the mercenary Damiyo. this fits obviously as the minis are patterned off of historical Chinese. They fit my theme as well, mercenaries working for other mercenaries. Status: Planning.
  2. 12 Mounted Crossbows- Works in 2nd and 3rd, but frustratingly not for the Dogs of War! The Dogs of War obvious choice is Light Cavalry, but the rules for Light Cavalry in 5th/6th edition rules have bows, not crossbows... the only unit in a Dogs of War force with bows! I suspect this was so GW could allocate Kislev Archers as the mini of choice here. I need them on foot not mounted, anyways...In an Empire force they are obviously Kriegsritters. For minis I'm planning on these miniatures. One point of order I'm also looking at adding a unit of mounted Samurai with bows so they will work here too. Status: Planning.
That's not all, but the rest I'm still debating, particularly which minis to use for mounted Samurai. As these will be a focal point of the army I 'm not sure which I want to go with yet. Its down to either Westwind Minis or Curteys Minis for both yari and bow armed mounted Samurai.

So not pics for the moment but, I need to gather my thoughts before moving forward.
Update #22
Since I've picked the army back up I've completed a whole gaggle of ninjas for my Warhammer Nippon Army. Right now this "unit" stands at 22 minis. I say unit as I'm trying to get all 48 of them before I decide what to do with them. (Quick aside I did just pick up one more I was looking for today making the number I have remaining to collect: 12).
[Image: nippon_ninjas12.jpg]

Another unit I'm simultaneously working on is a the first Ashigaru unit, reconfigured in a standard 5 across 5 deep formation. As mentioned in the previous post these guys will be filled out to 25 total.
[Image: nippon_ashigaru4.jpg]

There are 17 in this pic for those who counted and have now been primed too. Until the next update.
(08-22-2017, 09:23 AM)Zark The Damned Wrote: Of potential interest to you, Wargames Foundry have acquired the rights and moulds for the old Citadel Ninja ans Samurai:

Pulled the trigger and ordered the whole collection. This will fill out 2 units fully and part of the samurai archers unit.
What this also means is the next unit off of the bench will be the Ashigaru pictured above.
Update #22
After a 3 week ship time my order from Wargames Foundry arrived. After sorting through the order I found I was one short for the main unit I was bulking out. I don't think this will be an issue, easy enough to get one more off of eBay.

Also in sorting I decided these guys are going to be represent ronin rather than ashigaru. The paint jobs are underway on almost all but only a few nearing completion. In terms of Warhammer editions, the unit fills the following roles:
  • 2nd Edition- Nippon list- Ashigaru
  • 3rd Edition-Ersatzsolder, Empire list- even though the minimum unit size is 30.
  • 5th/6th Edition- Norse Marauders?
Here they are:
[Image: nippon_ronin1.jpg]

[Image: nippon_ronin2.jpg]

[Image: nippon_ronin3.jpg]

[Image: nippon_ronin4.jpg]

They are about 25% done if I had to guess, they have started out slow but I'm gathering speed as I get the larger areas of paint on the models.
Update #23
I've been fairly busy with my first ashigaru/ronin unit and have made great strides but I am not there yet in terms of completing the unit so I've decided to take a bit of a pause and work on my castle again. Funny there is not really a lot out there when one searches on Nippon Castles for Warhammer. The few bits are good but I'm largely blazing my own trail here (to a degree).

Now the Nippon castle itself is largely complete, but I wanted to add an outer wall. So after reading through Siege and Conquest, 3rd Edition Warhammer Siege and the General's Compendium I decided to add some modular walls. Fortunately, there is a good example with pictures in Siege and Conquest that I was able to use as a guide.

Here it is at the earliest stage with one section complete. By making them modular and not attached to the castle I can rearrange them as needed. Not a new idea I know but one I'm going with. The building material lists is as follows:
  • Bass wood, balsa is too flimsy.
  • glue
  • super glue
  • foam-core board
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Thinner cardboard. In this case a cut up box from a bottle of Glen Levit. The Glen Levit bottle is unfortunately empty.. Sad
Right now I've marked out all the pieces that will border the castle and have four sections underway. Another benefit of it being modular is I can utilize the walls for my smaller donjon/tower type structure (depicted a few pages back) which my scummy mercenary Daimyo inhabits. The big castle is for some major lord, and for fun! My merc leader? Nothing so showy for him.

I'm planning on adding a gatehouse section as well as towers that will go OVER the corner sections. I have an idea of how this will work but I am still finalizing the design. I'm doing this so I can have open parapets to place troops and siege engines. While not entirely in line with Japanese fortifications this is the Warhammer world after all! I'm still going to attempt to make it look like its from a Nippon castle however. 

[Image: nippon_castle19.jpg]

For colors scheme I'm liking this (Matsumoto built c.1596)
[Image: Matsumoto.jpg]
I like this Nipponese Castle a lot. Maybe the corner towers could be massive stone constructions like the foundation to the central Keep (sloped sides and all) but with a simple open parapet on top.
(10-09-2017, 11:54 AM)Tertius Wrote: I like this Nipponese Castle a lot. Maybe the corner towers could be massive stone constructions like the foundation to the central Keep (sloped sides and all) but with a simple open parapet on top.

Thats exactly what is going to happen. The first one will be a bit tricky so I'm planning on using masking tape for a "hold" until its glued together. Need some Blutac... basically the first one will be a guide.
Update #24
I've been working away, not as fast as I might like but still going well.

As you can see I've been working on the movable walls as well as the gatehouse. The last few nights have been spent on the gatehouse and its going very well. The wall and support beams went together surprisingly easy with minimal mistakes. Its going to be a bit taller then I want but there is no real way around that at 28 mm scale.

Here is the front of the gatehouse:
[Image: nippon_castle20.jpg]

The back:
[Image: nippon_castle21.jpg]

The gatehouse along with the walls:
[Image: nippon_castle22.jpg]

As you can see in the background I have to straighten out the roof line of the main part of the castle. I've been meaning to do it put I am still debating the best way to do it.

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