[8-14-18] Willmark's Warband of Nippon- Dogs of War 2nd/3rd edition style
Update #33
As noted I now have the construction phase done for the moats based on on the a fore mentioned White Dwarf #225. I was also inspired by the expansion boards for 3rd Edition Talisman. Question why is it that the 3rd Edition of whatever Games Workshop rocked?

So while it doesn't look like much progress this was a fairly big undertaking to cut and fit everything correctly.

[Image: nippon_castle50.jpg]

[Image: nippon_castle51.jpg]

[Image: nippon_castle52.jpg]

One thing I've been debating is whether to add more windows to the main castle structure. I already know I'm going to have to do some modifications to the interior (shots are on page 2 I think) My thought is angled walls awnings. I do know for sure that all of the windows in the main keep will be receiving wooden shutters.

In the vein of modifications I got around to the structures over the moat. Like the Nick Davis article that has been indispensable, I'm using BBQ skewers as bamboo (which is what they are actually made from). I also utilized the method of lowering/raising the drawbridge for my siege tower for the drawbridge at the main gate. This is what I was referring to in the last post: drawbridges weren't typical in Japanese castles, fortunately this is a Asian-inspired Nippon one!
Spectacular and inspiring!
Update #34
I just realized that in my last post I mentioned that I created the drawbridges for the Nippon castle, but neglected to actually post the pictures. So here they are:

Postern gate
[Image: nippon_castle53.jpg]

Main gate
[Image: nippon_castle54.jpg]

[Image: nippon_castle55.jpg]
Update #35
Now that summer is winding down here in North America and a busy slate of kids activities are like-wise drawing to a close I now turn my attention back to Warhammer and to my Army of Nippon and castle.

As with all of the units of this army I'm making them flexible enough to be used in varying editions of Warhammer:
  • When used in 2nd Edition they will be fielded as ashigaru with hand weapons. 
  • In 3rd Edition they fall under Empire as a "Count As" force. From that list they use the stat line for Eratzsolder with light armor and hand weapons. 
  • For a true 5th/6th Edition Dogs of War force? Well... they don't really fit at all unless I used them as Norse Marauders but the base sizes don't really work. With that said I don't really think I can use them as is in any form really as the Core choices for  Dogs of War are pikemen and crosswbowmen. The only thing that comes close for the 20mm bases in the Special Choices are... dwarfs, not really helpful there GW.
So without delay here are my latest unit for my Army of Nippon:
[Image: nippon_ashigaru5.jpg][Image: nippon_ashigaru6.jpg][Image: nippon_ashigaru7.jpg][Image: nippon_ashigaru8.jpg]

I tried to keep some of their colors muted to represent lower class samurai or ashigaru. Some of the units of samuari I have planned will be much brighter and varied in color so I did not want these guys to stand out too much.

Next up for the army is:
  • My second rocket launcher which is now 75% complete as is the crew.
  • Another unit of 20 ninja about 10% complete.
  • My first gunpowder kamikaze suicide bomber.
Ohhh, and I just ordered these guys and they are shipping out tomorrow. Since Nippon is really not that big on crossbows I decided to go with some Chinese miniatures which will represent mercenaries from Cathay. The very excllent line of minis I'm using is from  and the minis themselves (NOTE: image from the 1st Corps website, not my minis that I have painted):
[Image: 1st_corp_armored_crossbowmen.jpg]

I did have some concerns that they are from a much earlier time frame in Earth's history, aka the Waring State period of China's history, but based on how I paint them it may not matter. I always have to remember that. I do like the look of the jade/blue color of their tunics so I make so with that but their armor will be silver rather than gold.

The good news is they can be used in the following ways for my army:
  • When used in 2nd Edition they will be fielded as crossbowmen armed with... crossbows and hand weapons. 
  • In 3rd Edition they fall under Empire as a "Count As" force. From that list they use the stat line for... Crossbowmenr with crossbows and light armor/ This is a good choice for minis as crossbowmen are a compulsory choice for the Empire list in 3rd Edition.
  • For 5th/6th Edition Dogs of War force? Pay-dirt!... they are a a Core choice for  Dogs of War and can also stand in as a Regiment of Renown (Besiegers or Marksmen of Miragliano) quite easily.
Further afield, I'm eyeing the next steps for the castle so stay tuned there.
nice job Willmark!
The new swordsmen are looking good! I wouldn't worry about base sizes if you want to use them as Norse, the 'official' ones (i.e. Beorg Bearstruck's guys) are on 20mm bases anyway.

Alternately you could put them on a larger movement tray with a 25mm grid or something.

I think berserkers would be a good choice if they are lower-order samurai as they are desperately trying to prove themselves in battle until they get beaten down and 'deflate' (i.e. frenzy).

Either that or you could just use them as pikemen and assume they have a weird fighting style involving their long swords and moving past each other a lot in combat to fight in several ranks...
Zark not believe in Democracy. We go left!
Update 36

Thank for the comments and advice guys.

My armored crossbowmen have arrived! The plan is:
  • To use them as crossbowmen in the 2nd Edition Nippon list.
  • The can be used as is for a 3rd Edition Wahammer Empire army if I run the Nippon army as such.
  • 5th/6th edition Dogs of War they obviously work perfectly. If being used in 6th edition they can be a generic crossbowmen unit but under 5th they really shine as a "count as" Regiment of Renown. Out of the gate they would be used with the stats of Marksmen of Miragliano. But down the road? Perhaps make up some RoR rules for a brand new unit.
As they are they will be the 3rd unit of missile armed troops in the army to go along with the arquebusers and unit of 10 samurai archers. Both units are primed and the arquebusers have some minis painted to various stages of completion.

Fluff wise these guys are mercenaries of a mercenary lord! Being that the crossbow isn't a weapon of high regard or regular practice, my as yet unarmed Samurai Damiyo had to look further afield. The foremost practitioners of the crossbow in the east all come from Cathay. So with chests of gold and an abundance of rice and sake they were hired.

Here are the Cathay mercenary crowssbowmen:
[Image: cathay_crossbowmen1.jpg]

You'll not the standard I hacked up a tad to extend it bit higher than what comes standard. Shortly after I photographed them I primed them and they are ready to go.
Quick Update
Here is my first test mini closing in on completion for the crossbow unit show above. Not the best photos, but the mini actually came out well.

[Image: cathay_crossbowmen2.jpg]

[Image: cathay_crossbowmen3.jpg]

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