[8-14-18] Willmark's Warband of Nippon- Dogs of War 2nd/3rd edition style
Wow! Looks awesome so far!
Tons of stuff in the works as the project is gathering steam. I should have some more picks up tonight of the project.

I just acquired 16 more ninja, 9 of which are ones I was in need of. I've now passed the point of where I have more of the ninja I have been looking for then the ones I need. Once this is done I'm going to start painting them all as I've never run across anyone that has one of every miniature type from the ninja range. To me they are very cool models. The extras I'm going use as scouts and skirmishers if I ran the army under 3rd edition rules.

One aspect to the project is I'm going to use the 2nd edition Ravening Hordes rules for the army composition; it fits perfectly for what I'm trying to accomplish. I'm also keeping an eye out for the 9th Age rules for Warhammer Fantasy and I can run them as a traditional Dogs of War force give the fact that army will be a "multi race" army, just like it was in 5th.

About the only thing I'm changing is that Nippon can use hobgoblins as mercenaries too. Ogres makes sense I agree with the rules there (the rules say based on geography, Nippon can only use ogres). But hobgoblins in the lore make a lot of sense as well. I might also toy with the idea of the half-orc contingent using the 3rd edition rules. This has the added benefit of different base sizes... which means my army will largely work under 9th Age! I.e. hobgoblins are on 25mm bases in 2nd/3rd edition; stand ins for Norse anyone?

My idea is my general is a scummy mercenary type (fits as I might also look to make them usable as Dogs of War in later editions) so leading ronin, ashigaru, hobgoblins and half orcs would be just his style. And low and behold they can use giants too! Woot!

Another thought is I've been looking at some of the historical ranges for ancient Chinese crossbowmen. Nippon wont use crossbows (even though they can in the 2nd ed ravening Horde rules) but Cathay sure can. Even more mercenaries!
Update #10
Finally got around to the updates (Photobucket has been acting up for me). Here are some more WIP pics of the Tower/Watch Tower. I relearned quite a bit and this base reinforced the need for me to buy some more R4 residential siding (all out and its sub zero up here). The stones may look green... because I outlined them with a green sharpie to give the stone outlines some depth before I paint.

I've got a ton more updates, but with the updates to the site I'll be a bit busy there too.
[Image: nippon_terrain3.jpg]

[Image: nippon_terrain4.jpg]

This is another piece of Nippon terrain but one I started ~3 years ago? Its going to be a wu-jen (wizard tower) with a wooden walkway near the top.
[Image: nippon_terrain5.jpg]
Very nice! I can't wait to see more.
Update #11
Been a busy little mercenary lord (Damiyo?). While I continue to scour the web for classic Nippon minis I've been hard at work. here are some updates.

This is my first unit of ronin. In the 2nd edition rules they will fall under the ashigaru unit type, armed with hand weapons, at 5 pts per model a bargain! The spearman will eventually be converted into standard bearer like I did for my first spearman unit. I'll still need to consider exactly what I'm going to do for a musician...

[Image: nippon_ashigaru1.jpg]

Same unit as seen from the back.
[Image: nippon_ashigaru2.jpg]

Here are my ninja, as noted previously I'm still waiting 9 more... The extra 7 are ones I already have and the extras are going to be modeled on a skirmisher base/movement tray and used as... you guessed it, skirmishers! One thing of note, when working on an army that is going to be comprised by a LOT of OOP minis you have to resign yourself to having a lot of duplicates. You can of course modify them, but the ninja have enough variation (there area something like 40+ unique ones), more of an issue for the samurai and ashigaru.
[Image: nippon_ninjas10.jpg]

Since my force is going to be a creation of 2nd/3rd edition rules one has to make some educated decision. Case in point, in the 2nd edition rules Nippon can only use ogres as mercs. Well... considering that I'm also building them as a Dogs of War force that could play in either 5th/6th edition rules as well as possibly 9th Age I'm going to need some units that fit on 25mm bases (stand in Norse marauders). So what better then hobgoblin despoilers?! I just so have a unit of 20. The  problem is 10 of them: the mid rows still need to have the paint stripped. These guys will fit the character of the army well I think. They may get some extra umph from some hobhound handlers flanking them... we'll see. EDIT: Since this post I've decided they will be a RoR that can be used by my 3rd edition Dark Elf force and my Nippon force. WM 9-5-17

[Image: ror_hobgoblin_despoliers1.jpg]

Here they are as seen from the back:
[Image: ror_hobgoblin_despoliers2.jpg]

I painted them about 20 years ago except for the champion in the front which I redid a few years ago. Obviously I will be redoing 19 of them... The leader is a model that I've never really liked so I'm looking for the hobgoblin Baron Bloodgore which is a hard model to find.

Since these photos were taken I've also been working on my poor plastic giant that has undergone so many changes in the last 5 years, but not nearly enough to get to my liking. Giants can be utilized by Nippon as mercs in 2nd edition, huzzah! Again this works for 5th edition as I have another one so I could team them up as a Regiment of Renown (Bologs & Cachtorr) or possibly in 9th Age. As you can see I'm tailoring the army to for flexibility to be able to be played in a variety of editions.

The idea with the giant is he was captured by my mercenary Damiyo in the west while serving as mercs in the Border Lands and hauled back in chains as a great prize. So he is going to look like he would fit in a Empire army, that's exactly what I want: to stand out from the rest of the Nippon army.

Some other ideas I'm mulling:
  • Using a unit of Pike and Shotte models to represent mounted crossbowmen in 2nd/3rd or as light cavalry in 5th/6th edition. The issue is they are armed with a large number of pistols. I'd need to modify them to crossbows or use a lot of lances on the sprues
  • A unit of hobgoblin mercenaries from the 3rd edition Warhammer armies book: half orc merc leader on horseback is a cool image as well as a unit of 10 henchmen and maybe 20 bushwhackers. I haven't thought of these so far in any sense more then they fit my theme. I also havent looked a range of models to represent them. I'm pretty sure GW has a line so I'll be researching them.
  • Ogres- I know I'll add these as I have the ogres in my want list (see links in my sig).
  • A unit of crossbowmen. Even though they are in the 2nd edition list Nippon list, crossbows are more of a Cathay weapon. So with this I'm looking at some ancient Chinese lines like Curtey miniatures.
  • How I want to represent my samurai cavalry. They need to be scummy Ronin, rather then traditional samurai.
That's it for now. I also have some ideas of for a heavy canon but may be going the route of purchasing some Bronzino galloper guns to represent lighter cannon. I also have a bit done on my first Nippon rocket (I'm eventually panning on two).

Unlike when I built my chaos dwarf army I'm having a lot of fun assembling the army before i paint it along with creating terrain. I think I'm going to keep doing this.

The last part for me to consider is that I'm trying to make it a force that can be used in multiple editions. Its not going to work perfectly mainly because a 5h edition Dogs of War army is based on pikes and crossbows, where as a Nippon army is more sword and bow (at least in terms of imagery). Either way it will be find to figure out as I go.
Update #12

I'm on a roll because guess what arrived today, my next batch of 16 ninjas. 10 of them were ones I did not have previously. The other six are duplicates and can be used in a variety of ways, as all the ninjas can.

In 2nd edition/3rd edition rules: As skirmishers (probably as ashigaru)
In strictly 3rd edition as  count as Empire force they would be count as bergjaegers (scouts- there are enough with bos to make a unit of 10)*
In 5th/6th edition Dogs of War they would fulfill the role of duelists

* Yes I've even been giving some thought to how I would field them if I went with a "Count as" Empire Army across editions as well. Possibly Free Companies in 6th?

So here is the status of the ninjas. I don't think I would rank them up other then for show right now. This is a handy way to see which ones I have and still need. Speaking of which check out my marketplace thread here on the site, I only need 11 more (I don't know if I'll pursue the three on the bottom of page two).

[Image: nippon_ninjas5.jpg]

[Image: nippon_ninjas6.jpg]

[Image: nippon_ninjas7.jpg]

[Image: nippon_ninjas8.jpg]

These guys are of special importance, the samurai I've had since the early 1990s. He was in the same pack as the ninja. The samurai, I've had in my possession since that time? but the ninja got lost of the last 20 years+ so with my last trade I now have both again; weird the stuff you remember.
[Image: nippon_minis_samurandninja.jpg]

I think this simple picture sums up what Nippon should be in a Warhammer army: samurai and ninja. It's also been fun as I always wanted a Nippon army from the first time I got into Warhammer in the 3rd edition days. I missed 2nd edition were they were an actual army but now possessing the rules? Sky is the limit,
Update #13
I'm in a crazy frenzy in the man-cave, creating tons of Nippon themed terrain while I gather more figures!

Willmark Wrote:wrote:
....I only need 11 more (I dont know if I'll pursue the three on the bottom of page two).
Remember when I said that above? Yeah me too. Guess what I got a good deal on one the three so looks like I will be going for every ninja on those two pages.

So with that said I spend the last two nights working my other tower. Originally it was going to be a tower for a wizard. That seems to "western" to me. My Wizards (wu-jen) are either going to be geisha or possibly hermits who live in caves, more to come as as I formalize those ideas.

So with that thought I'm making it into a watch tower; a staple of Warhammer terrain since forever. Its going really well and there are a few mistakes I need to correct on the arches on the side but for the most part I think it looks good. Mainly the arches are a bit off but I have some Spackle I'm going to use to balance out one side a bit. And if it is off, oh well. my Damiyo is NOT a proper lord, hence maintenance around the town might be a bit sloppier the usual in Nippon.

Nippon Watch Tower is well under way!
[Image: nippon_tower1.jpg]

[Image: nippon_tower2.jpg]

[Image: nippon_tower3.jpg]
Update #13
I seem to be unable to stop creating Nippon themed terrain!

A few pokes around the interwebs and I came up with this:
[Image: nippon_terrain11.jpg]

[Image: nippon_terrain12.jpg]

[Image: nippon_terrain13.jpg]

I'm rather pleased as I'm getting better creating the curves of the roof lines as well as the arches pieces on the roof ends. Still not perfect but getting there. I'm pleased as I'm cutting the shapes out of the balsa wood largely by free-hand. Also the roof is not complete, as the cardboard was drying after being submerged in water to separate it from the backing. Also of note: the reason there is some colors on the building is I'm using toothpicks that are various bright colors, obviously they will be painted over..

I know I'm supposed to be painting something at some point but I'm having an absolute blast with the terrain.

Next up? After these were taken... I'm already onto more! I can't stop!
Just scored another Nippon rocket launcher but it doesn't arrive for a while Sad

The best part is that it is complete with all four crew members and the model is intact.
Idea hamster is running. Since I'm going to build this army with 2nd/3rd edition rules I'm going to need a baggage train, which will be fun to model. But under 5th edition rules I'll need a paymaster. My thought is to create something to use for both. But question is what.

I'm thinking a wagonload of rice in sacks or barrels. For those not in the know, the medieval Japan economy was based on rice. One koku was a measure of enough rice to feed a family for one year. Damiyos gave koku in varying degrees as rewards to retainers and their underlings.

Now being that this is a fantasy game there is no need to have to do this, but I'm looking for some variation.
(02-04-2016, 12:24 PM)Willmark Wrote: Idea hamster is running. Since I'm going to build this army with 2nd/3rd edition rules I'm going to need a baggage train, which will be fun to model. But under 5th edition ruies I'll need a paymaster. My thought is to crate something to use for both. But question is what.

I'm thinking a wagonload of rice in sacks or barrels. For those not in the know, the medieval Japan economy was based on rice. One koku was a measure of enough rice to feed a family for one year. Damiyos gave koku in varying a line as rewards to retainers and their underlings.

Now being that this is a fantasy game there is no need to have to do this but I'm looking for some variation.
They will fit
The paymaster would then be on a light chariot, why not create some unit fillers!?
They will fit into your army, will make the unit look bigger and you'll be able to add them to just about each unit, except maybe a samurai unit. It was the way to go during the last edition.
That's a great idea and certainly a possibility. I'll take it under advisement.

Right now my ashigaru spearman unit needs some bulking out. I'll have to look it over. Another thought is I could include porters bearing sacks and the like.

Thanks for the feedback. Either way Nippon and Dogs of War is a great combination.
Update #14
It might not look like it has changed all that much but in the last two days I have worked on a TON of stuff on my Nippon Castle that I thought that I would never work on again. And like the other terrain I'm having a lot of fun doing it!

I should add the inspiration for this particular castle is coming from here: http://media1.jcastle.info/images/kakega...egawa3.jpg
Kakegawa Castle. Not my favorite Japanese castle of them all, but I needed something "smaller" when working at 28mm scale then the larger Japanese castles. 

In keeping with my Nippon Warhammer army being formed under 2nd/3rd edition rules I'm also looking through 3rd edition Warhammer Siege rules (which I have!) for ideas. I also have the General's Compendium for 6th edition with rules for Siege. In either case its clear I'm going to need to create a section where I can mount stone throwers and bolt throwers. After all this is a Nippon castle set in a fantasy world, not a strictly Japanese castle. My thought is to add a wooden parapet similar to the upper level just below the main roof of the lower level. That should give enough space to add four "corner spots" for siege weaponry.

Either way it looks I'm pushing on till I finish it. I even bought some foam mounting board for the base. I went with foam as I have to start thinking about weight or at least bulk of moving it around.

[Image: nippon_castle6.jpg]

[Image: nippon_castle7.jpg]

[Image: nippon_castle8.jpg]

Update #15

Work on the larger of my Nippon castles continues apace! I've been burning through glue at a crazy rate along with cardboard, tape X-acto blades, and other materials. But as I've communicated before this has been a lot of fun.

Below are pics of how the castle stands now. It's coming along really well but there are some things I'll have to modify. I've noticed that the lower roof section is curling up a it at the ends so I'm going to have to put some balsa wood long strips in to stiffen the sections. This is quite noticeable in the 2nd photo, but again will be corrected. The cool thing it does show is the gate which is a solid piece and simply pops out from the inside for when models need to be placed in or nearby.

[Image: nippon_castle5.jpg]

[Image: nippon_castle9.jpg]
Why the interior Willmark? Do you intend touse it in morheim or other skirmish settings, or is it just a certain amount of perfectionistic streak that is part of your nature?
Probably both to be honest.

In true WFB is probably of little use. But remember, I am building this as a 3rd edition army, so I can use the castle for the Siege rules.

Also I think I've come up with a better solution for how I can create artillery platforms for the castle. I have to mull it over a bit more but I think it will work.
Update #16

Work continues apace. Now I'm down to the tweaking stage where I'll need to add some "shims" here and there in order to get the parts level. I learned a lot on this project and there are a few things I would do differently in hind-sight with the castle but all-in-all it came out well.

Now I'm working on straightening the roof lines and such.

Oh, and my second Nippon rocket and crew came in! Yes!!!!

[Image: nippon_castle1.jpg]

[Image: nippon_castle2.jpg]

[Image: nippon_castle3.jpg]

[Image: nippon_castle4.jpg]
After spending a good deal of time today cleaning up the man cave and in particularly the work bench I started refilling through some of my "Warhammer boxes". Everyone has them, you know the stuff that is not organized. So I went through and organized it and low and behold what do I find?

I find these! the 2nd version of Mengil Manhide's Company of Dark Elves. Blood thirsty killers? Yes please for my war band! I was able to find all the swords for all but Mengil himself and one of the troopers. In order to get around that I used a sword from the chaos marauder plastic set from a few years back. One trooper was missing an arm so I had to improvise and I also had a crossbow and bolt case from the marauder dark elf dark riders. I'm going to have to do some minor green/gray stuff here and there owing to missing fingers adn a few gaps.

Pay no mind to the colors on the shields. They will obviously be painted over when the time comes. They were probably to my 3rd edition high elves back in the day.

[Image: dark_elf_mengil_manhide1.jpg]

Note: Since the "Great PhotoBucket Purge of 2017" I've revamped this thread as of 9-1-17. These guys are now once again part of my Dark Elf force I'm repainting over at: http://forum.oldhammer.org.uk/viewtopic....5bbaaa8740
Update #16

I've been a bit delayed what with all the other stuff I'm working on and my entry for Golden Hat over at CDO, plus a few other minis projects and had LASIK surgery this week!

Anyways here are some ninja, the first three are almost done and the next bunch are the ones I'm working on.
[Image: nippon_ninjas11.jpg]

After that I'm going to FINALLY finish my giant. I've been working on him in fits and spurts for years, as in 7? At first he was going to be a Vampire count giant (for which I don't even have an army) then a chaos giant for my Chaos Dwarfs, and so on. Now, he is simply going to be a "normal" giant that my Damiyo warlord captured in the Old World and hauled back to Nippon. He is largely in the form I want now and its simply time to push through painting him.

Note to self, have a clear plan on what to do with the next giant or multi-part model BEFORE assembling and certainly BEFORE commencing painting. 
[Image: warhammer_giant5.jpg]

[Image: warhammer_giant6.jpg]

[Image: warhammer_giant7.jpg]

[Image: warhammer_giant8.jpg]
Love your buildings!

Can't believe how long it's been since the Giant was released, especially since it was the last Dogs of War model GW came out with (or was that the Manflayers or Goblin Hewer?). Still a fantastic kit though.

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