Zark's Averlander Mercenaries
Thank you Smile I'm hoping to get more stuff dug out and worked on soon.

Until then, time for some monsters! In KOW the Kingdoms of Man entry has a generic 'Beast of War' entry to cover all kinds of big monster, so Marius bought out the Imperial Zoo and had some Amber Wizards tame the creatures and add extra oomph to his force

[Image: zC8sFEn.jpg] [Image: wkFQVOT.jpg]
The deadly Basilisk, able to slay its foes with a mere gaze - Forgeworld

[Image: AG3yaE4.jpg] [Image: cmewWPP.jpg]
The fearsome Hydra, spitting deadly poison - Reaper Bones

[Image: RCS1pXF.jpg] [Image: vI6g8n2.jpg] [Image: LEK40IF.jpg]
The noble Griffon, striking quickly from the skies - Reaper Bones

[Image: xqnVYqi.jpg] [Image: KcqvAkT.jpg] [Image: wgY53sh.jpg]
[Image: B6XbpKb.jpg] [Image: xCdMRf8.jpg] [Image: VchKN30.jpg]
An Imperial Dragon, bearing the Empire's greatest heroes into battle (and also a peasant for scale) - Creature Caster
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And now for some really big guys:

[Image: VcMuaVb.jpg] [Image: Teilpf4.jpg]
A pretty big and old giant (currently un-named), larger cousin to Brobdingagian and Gogmagog - Otherworld Miniatures

[Image: tmVY1si.jpg] [Image: 36cHfsr.jpg] [Image: 6D9uK5W.jpg] [Image: afEWcPy.jpg]
[Image: 5SrlgbF.jpg] [Image: suGgFN9.jpg] [Image: rOrjyJZ.jpg]
An even bigger giant! Shown here making Brobdingagian look tiny (amongst others) and wearing a once-fine Cathayan silk banner as a jacket. Horribly lumpy legs due to wading through rivers in the Chaos Wastes before coming south for his health - Conversion from a Harry Potter Cave Troll figure with assorted GW bits and the spare head from the above Otherworld giant. Technically part of my Ogre army but they are mercenaries who sometimes work alongside my main Dogs of War anyway
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That giant is all kinds of awesome.
Finally added some more to the Dogs! Only a single figure but every little counts Smile (I have a ton more waiting in the wings until I get around to them... too may projects, too little time!)

[Image: WA5DtZI.jpg][Image: ORqaSMJ.jpg]
Marco Columbo (the new(ish) finecast figure from a GD or something?)

I have the original one awaiting painting too!
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And now a few more minis!

First a couple more characters:
[Image: yRQQYxB.jpg][Image: vPtSqEh.jpg]
A noble warrior lady from Stirland, with a Dwarfen Axe

[Image: AbzsTDn.jpg][Image: cIsD2Kw.jpg]
New champion for the Greatswords, or possibly a new Captain

Plus the start of a new unit of Barbarians:
[Image: GGfEVNt.jpg][Image: 1qqg7jh.jpg]
[Image: Hq665Pm.jpg][Image: BypFXbC.jpg]
[Image: 2rscnfl.jpg][Image: RjHjjO0.jpg]
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Not strictly WHFB Dogs of War, but I added a new unit to the force for stuff like KOW or Dragon Rampant where they basically count as Crossbowmen (or can be split up if I want a ton of wizards for any reason):

[Image: HiMbbs3.jpg]
[Image: aDqFLyx.jpg]

The Braxton Wizardry School for Boys, Class of '18, out on their field trip. Includes their bald teacher and the class familiar.

[Image: 3KrwYVt.jpg][Image: JSO2dVb.jpg][Image: rbDiCQB.jpg]

I also painted up one of the guardians of the school who lives in the enchanted woods, and occasionally joins the students in the field.
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These are all really cool, keep up the good work!
Thank you for the kind words!

I've done a bit more for the army, again mostly stuff that fits but may get more use in other systems:

[Image: pPVlu38.jpg][Image: zGlwULP.jpg]
A Pegasus, either for use on it's own in other games, or ready for a rider if I ever get around to making one.

[Image: 4ThiTVW.jpg][Image: cvCSPHn.jpg][Image: uLvOne0.jpg]
A Master Engineer from Nuln. A possible alternative Leonardo or stand in crew member.

[Image: ISdDNhV.jpg][Image: azae0bv.jpg]
Some Gryphounds, will be lesser warbeasts in Dragon Rampant or some sort of light cavalry in Kings of War.
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Another somewhat tangential addition, this guy could work as a Jade mage or something. Not great pic as I only took a quick one as proof of speedpainting (did them in a couple of hours) but will have a better one later when I'm done with the rest of his crew.

[Image: UeyZodI.jpg]
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What minis are these? Especially the frog?
The Druid is a Mushrooman from RPE -

The Frog was a freebie I got as part of Krakon Games' Mykeling Kickstarter, I'm not sure if they sell them as I don't see it on their store. May be worth contacting them if you want one?
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As promised, the rest of the shroomfolk (and a better druid pic):
[Image: F5ciePG.jpg]
[Image: nVHKpOT.jpg]
[Image: yQJLAti.jpg]

Not sure what I'd use the unit as in WHFB, maybe Berserkers (they are angry mushroom folk who want to destroy interlopers into the forest!) or Elves (for being generally weird).
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