Zark's Averlander Mercenaries
Thought I'd start this to showcase some of my army, and hopefully motivate me to get more done (currently this army is on hiatus until I get more of my Orks done...)

Apologies for any bad pics, these were all taken with my old camera and I still haven't gotten around to re-shooting them.

It's a mainly Empire themed army, hired by Marius Leitdorf. I usually field it as 'pure' Dogs of War but can change it to Empire with a few ROR should the need arise.

[Image: drHTKBT.jpg]
First up; Brobdingnagian. Will work for food (plenty of it!). The first model I painted for this army, also my first time using the (then) new GW Washes.

[Image: kMmPYhW.jpg]
Fairly lousy shot showing my (counts as) Bearmen of Urslo. Back rank are standard Marauders, but I mixed in some Hasslefree and Heresy Barbarians in the front rank (and of course Thrudd himself!)

[Image: dhmQg9N.jpg]
Ruglud's Armoured Orcs. Not much to say about these really, other than I enjoyed painting these guys.

[Image: h77WwOe.jpg]
Acrobatic Warriors from far-off Cathay (aka Duellists). Hasslefree Martial artists, minus the more 'modern' ones. Am tempted to get the 'Dragonman' figure they do and use him as Vespereo...

[Image: dJPDtnO.jpg]
Nicodemus and Leopold, the first of my hireling Wizards.

[Image: yFsjcvi.jpg]
Felix and Gotrek. They have subsequently been based, though I forgot to do an 'after' pic...

[Image: Gm99SGc.jpg]
The Golden Lions, Pikemen converted from the old starter set Empire Spearmen. The spears were carefully cut out, the hands drilled, and the shafts replaced by Brass rod (was a bit of a pain!). First of the 'standing troops' regiments which will be in pretty much every list I take.

[Image: 1OKXXlv.jpg]
Mandell von Grunshreck, Noble dandy with more money than sense and one of the main financial backers. Used to be my Paymaster, will likely become a Merchant Prince once I paint my new one.

[Image: HRjiOs1.jpg]
Inner Circle Knights of the Blazing Sun. Counts as Volands Venators when playing the army as Dogs of War.

[Image: hbtXBB6.jpg]
Generic Merc Captain, needs a name still.

[Image: OWB46ck.jpg]
More hireling Wizards! I intend to have at least one representing each lore to give me more flexibility when writing lists.

[Image: feGzFBO.jpg]
Sigmarite nutters who kind of tag along with the army. Currently being used as more duelists but may get more of a rabble and use them as Militia.

[Image: lGMoF9U.jpg]
Marius himself, plus some random Merc Captain dude.

[Image: a8bnAS4.jpg]
The Goldfeathers, elite crossbowmen. Usually used as the Marksmen of Miragliano (I got Maximillian but none of the official Marksmen models as part of a trade ages ago).

[Image: nQF1tCV.jpg]
As of yet unnamed Cannon. Needs basing (as was painted up before 8th ed).

I have a few other characters painted but not photographed yet, plus some more units awaiting paint.
I'm digging the Golden Lions; great stuff.
OK, have taken some more shots!

First up, counts as Asarnil on his Golden Dragon:
[Image: dWD18iY.jpg]
[Image: N6z2flI.jpg]

I also re-shot Gotrek and Felix along with a couple more of my Hireling Wizards
[Image: lhz0iBZ.jpg]
very cool range you have, my tops are thrudd and the pikemen! great!
Thrudd was always a cool mini. Nice one.
Very nice indeed. Keep up the good work. Refreshing to see some different models used for commonly recruited units like duellists and such.
Liking it!

Especially you using not only GW figs, but those from OTHER manufacturers! What's next on the painting table?!?
Keep It Simple, Stupid!!!
Thanks for the comments everyone, I will have to hurry up with my Orks and go back to these guys!

(03-24-2011, 06:14 PM)Vinnie da Rat Wrote: Liking it!

Especially you using not only GW figs, but those from OTHER manufacturers! What's next on the painting table?!?

I have no problems with non-GW figs so long as they fit Smile

Next plans include more characters, some light cav and cursed company.
Very nice. Those converted pikemen look great!
OK, I have made a few more acquisitions for this army and am hoping to get stuff started on soon. Will hopefully be downscaling the remaining Ork work (am mostly done with my pledge of 3k) so should be back on with painting soon!

I have dug out 32 of the old plastic Empire Handgunners for use as Crossbowmen (my regular opponents are fine with the counts as - they use 'light shot' which is cheaper to produce, travels further, but loses the armour piercing ability).

Also found a few more spearmen who may well end up as Pikemen as per the above conversions - especially if I can get another couple of dozen. The thought of running a Pikeman Horde is so tempting Big Grin

Latest eBay acquisitions have included another unit of Knights, Borgio the Beseiger, Vespereo and the Birdmen of Catrazza (the latter of which are currently in my paint stripping jar). Am also awaiting a GW order of Manflayers and Halflings, plus assorted odds, sods and ne'erdowells for a Militia unit.

Played a game at the weekend too! A close fought game, ultimately lost but my god was it bloody (2000pt game, ended something like 1650 vs 1550 pts). Will try formulate a coherent report later.
Woha! Thrudd sure has a tiny head compared to the rest of his body! :O
Also known as Dwi 
Huzzah! I am finally back on with this project, have joined the TOFP on Warseer with these guys.

This past month was the Cursed Company -
[Image: ZY17tlI.jpg]

50 strong to allow for raising during the game (a tad optimistic there - however I had already built them all before I found out about this site!)

Will probably spend the next week deciding what to paint next... don't want to do another big unit so soon after the above horde, so will probably work on some skirmishers or cavalry... maybe another cannon or a hotpot (if I can find the bloody thing!)
Oh, very nice indeed, sir...
I'm currently a knight, but someday I have dreams of advancing to Asarnil Dragonlord.

Not a Bretonnian knight, though. I want to be one of those cool Arabyan Mamluks.
I'd love to see that Cursed Company horde in acton! I run them 20 strong and they at least hold their ground for a while.
Have taken some close up shots of the Company:

[Image: evdXM5y.jpg][Image: dIeOeYW.jpg][Image: 2c3GvXM.jpg]
Front rank, all converted except command

[Image: ldeb6lc.jpg][Image: ozEJz0E.jpg]
Middle ranks multibased - Town Guard, Pirates and Chaos

[Image: Pk2yrDC.jpg]
Miscellaneous conversions

[Image: cWQzjts.jpg]
Back rankers

As a special preview for this forum, I have a few more bits (will be posting these on Warseer's Tale of Fantasy Painters on Monday)

[Image: qASp6ew.jpg]
Garruk and Otto, my new Beast Mage and Paymaster

[Image: eu06sJm.jpg]
Birdmen away!

[Image: p9cpZmi.jpg][Image: SAhrA6w.jpg]
Gar'Sherr and his Marauder Horsemen (Stradiots) - just a regular unit with a bit of fluff behind them (an enemy wizard cursed Gar'Sherr and fused him with his horse)

[Image: tAGDpqI.jpg]
I also took an overall army shot!
Oh, very nice.

And turning you into a centaur is supposed to be a curse? Cursed with awesome, more like. This is the sort of thing the Dark Gods reward their most loyal followers with. Tongue
I'm currently a knight, but someday I have dreams of advancing to Asarnil Dragonlord.

Not a Bretonnian knight, though. I want to be one of those cool Arabyan Mamluks.
I love these flashy eyes!!!
Your amry is true inspiration to me!
This month's additions:

[Image: BkEsHWi.jpg]
Paymaster bodyguard

[Image: 3D7UtrW.jpg]
Franz & Karl

[Image: kfIsJlY.jpg]
Otto being guarded

[Image: 01i3f2c.jpg]
Everyone together

[Image: rFjIFUj.jpg]
As it's thematic with the army, thought I'd also post the Pride of Averland from my Dreadfleet painting. Old mad Marius was jealous of the Heldenhammer so sunk some of his vast fortune into commisioning a copy.
Zark not believe in Democracy. We go left!
A brief update this time - Mengil's Manflayers have been recruited.
[Image: 7BzNg7R.jpg]
Zark not believe in Democracy. We go left!
I like the continuity of black and gold throughout. What paints did you use to get the glowing eye effect on the Cursed Company?

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