Zark's Averlander Mercenaries
The glowing eyes are simply painted with fluorescent yellow acrylic paint I picked up an age ago, i.e. I cheat Big Grin
Zark not believe in Democracy. We go left!
OK, last month's painting was a bunch of Handgunners (Crossbowmen) and Cannons:
[Image: dM8Fy6Z.jpg]
[Image: do0UFrp.jpg]
[Image: YAH1zjU.jpg]
[Image: Hxwthag.jpg]
Zark not believe in Democracy. We go left!
OK, some more guys. Last month I concentrated on adding some more characters.

[Image: f0yaN3B.jpg]
[Image: KHwEi70.jpg]
[Image: ChcsWBZ.jpg]
[Image: 4xJbyVO.jpg]

Plus, took another army shot. I'm going to need a bigger table soon!
[Image: 9cQtPER.jpg]
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Borga's Budget Bashas:
[Image: SmnqGK0.jpg]
[Image: gEtfcUx.jpg]

Cracktooth's Crushas (an ex-Bloodbowl team who ate all their goblins ans decided that the mercenary life was easier, as at least then they wouldn't have to pretend to play sports while ripping people limb from limb):
[Image: oXnLfPh.jpg]
[Image: gSaejX6.jpg]

The Blue Bullocks (the town guard of one of the outlying villages, aided by a lowly priest whipping the townsfolk into a frenzy)
[Image: RYYtDwu.jpg]

I am already plowing on with my next unit, finally getting around to painting Long Drong's Slayers. Have decided to try get everything that I have already undercoated done before starting on repair work/assembly for my next units.
Zark not believe in Democracy. We go left!
Looking good. I have 5 or so of the Ogre's from Heresy for my BB team.
A nice mix of ogres, it makes them look quite rag tag (in a good way)
A busy month for me!
[Image: 1cLB550.jpg]
Braganza's Besiegers - Heavily armoured crossbowmen. Again used the black armour with gold trim, though their arms and legs are standard metal - they're not that rich!

[Image: E8l8RnC.jpg]
Long Drong's Slayer Pirates - What's not to love about drunken dwarf slayers festooned with pistols! Need to get another 10 at some point so I can horde them up Big Grin

[Image: SyRNjRb.jpg]
Lumpin Croop's Fighting Cocks - A bunch of plucky halfling scouts who just don't know when to quit.

[Image: ZTtoWsW.jpg]
Vespero's Vendetta - If you need someone murdered, these are the fellows to hire.

[Image: VkXAHxO.jpg]
Oglah Khan's Wolfboyz - Treacherous gits to a tee, these guys are as liable to swap sides int he middle of the battle as they are to do anything actually useful!

[Image: YBe0jm7.jpg]
The Witchhunters - Burn the witch! Need I say more?

[Image: yj3wvUQ.jpg]
Leonardo, Kurt and Mydas - Rounding out the bunch with these guys. Have been looking forward to painting Leonardo for ages! Classic Hellblaster Crewman.
Zark not believe in Democracy. We go left!
Some great looking units there. Braganza's best are a favourite unit of mine, really great figures. Your black and gold go well.
That's a great take on Vesperro's. Very noble.
Fantastic army !!!!
Back to bad pics this month, I need to get myself a lightbox...

[Image: c8YslHN.jpg]
Gogmagog, the littler of the Brothers Durnog (Seriously, this giant looks tiny alongside the old Marauder one, must take a comparison pic sometime...)

[Image: KiPOKvL.jpg]
[Image: SMueWWE.jpg]
Golgfag's Ogres, bunch of heavies for hire. I thought Golgfag was a bit short for a bruiser compared with modern minis, so added a big rock to the base.

[Image: FOaHd5I.jpg]
[Image: 5q5Ga6P.jpg]
More members of the murder squad, bringing them up to 16 so far (however I may split out the doctor and the fencer in the future).

[Image: ZBOo2O4.jpg]
Bronzino's Galloper Guns, mobile artillery. I really lucked out and managed to get these for sane prices on eBay! Always been one of my favourite concepts for Dogs of War, even if they aren't too practical.

[Image: FUndk3R.jpg]
[Image: G5fpPnK.jpg]
Two as of yet un-named Pikemen regiments, the oranges and the blues. Not much to say other than they help fill out the core nicely. Am pretty happy with the freehand on the banner.
Zark not believe in Democracy. We go left!
Looking better every day Zark! I really like the command on the Oranges in particular.
Finally got around to painting some new stuff after the house move!

[Image: BfLGn1m.jpg]
Anakonda's Amazons. Mostly conversions from the Blood Bowl Amazons, with a Mordheim leader. Have given them pistols instead of the 'Swords of Light' in their rules, as they have pretty similar stats and are more obviously grokkable.

[Image: 4QGZNKb.jpg]
Lustrian Halflings with their long blowpipes (count as bows) - fairly simple conversions from Goblins with Wolfrider feet and blank shields for masks.

Am going to give painting Dogs of War a break for a while since I have plenty of other projects to be getting on with, but have done around 6300-odd points over the last year, not too bad!
Zark not believe in Democracy. We go left!
It's been a while sine I last posted in here, but hopefully my long dry spell on the Dogs will be ending soon, as I have finished my conversions for Vlad's Impalers and have a few more units ready to work on (and a few other guys who are done and need photos taking).

Anyway, I took these a while back and never got around to adding them here. They're pretty bad pics but give an idea of scale:

[Image: ue5yM2q.jpg]
Everything painted in my 2011-2012 'season'.

[Image: SamudAl.jpg]
The entire army (at time of photograph, I have subsequently painted up a few more units and characters).

Hopefully I will be back to getting guys painted and posted semi regularly, though I have heard rumour that the Ork Codex is due out later this year which may draw me away (as they're my main 40k army currently).
Zark not believe in Democracy. We go left!
Long time no update! I was inspired by the End Times stuff coming out and finally got around to painting up these guys:

[Image: G9NFSUQ.jpg]
Vlad's Impalers, aka Wights with Pikes!

[Image: apkf5xv.jpg]
Magnetised bases and movement tray too. Thinking of making a name plate for the front and maybe ripping off the side bits.
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Long time no post! As you will probably see most of my images have vanished, this is because Photobucket became terrible and started wanting to charge stupid amounts to allow image hotlinking.

Anyway I have been able to download all my old log images and reuploaded them to my Imgur album here - - they're not in any specific order as unfortunately Imgur isn't good at ordering images except manually and I haven't had chance to go through them yet.

You will see a bunch of non-Dogs of War units and new stuff I haven't posted here before, mainly this is because I have been working on making them into a Kings of War army with assorted units from that system. I will likely be putting together some more posts here to describe them once I'm done re-ordering the album.

I may get around to re-adding the pictures in this thread but going through them I realised most were terrible so at some point I'll try get onto taking new pics of the army. I need to get onto making better movement trays anyway so likely it'll be as and when that happens.
Zark not believe in Democracy. We go left!
First batch of new stuff:

[Image: wSdEXy1.jpg] [Image: 17iWQhs.jpg] [Image: CE38Kvs.jpg]
[Image: bHmjj8L.jpg]
Balthasar Gelt, Supreme Patriarch of the Colleges of Magic. In the Dogs of War army, he'd simply be a Hireling Wizard Lord on Pegasus.

[Image: G7g1YwB.jpg]
Gelt's Auric Warriors. Made from some Sigmarites I got cheap. Fluffwise they are fancy suits of armour animated by Gelt's magic.

[Image: gaEIvCb.jpg] [Image: 9hOysKL.jpg] [Image: W4Ld6N6.jpg] [Image: ogaER1J.jpg] [Image: IcluNnr.jpg] [Image: QW2me3x.jpg] [Image: 9P4mY5A.jpg] [Image: BvQUKbu.jpg]
[Image: rpG01s2.jpg] [Image: BqHuLIL.jpg]
A bunch more wizards! First 8 are Reaper Bones and need rebasing sometime, one for each of the 8 colleges. The last guy is from Advanced Heroquest and painted to match the original scheme!
Zark not believe in Democracy. We go left!
Now you're talking! Keep it going!
Very glad to see Zark's work here again!
[Image: dowomemsig.gif]

It's mine, mine, mine
For the taking
It's mine, boys
Mine me that gold!
Thank you for the kind words!

I've just finished going through the old posts and updating the image links, time for some more new bits and bobs:

[Image: FpKJICI.jpg][Image: xHJquAK.jpg]
Averland Battle Standard Bearer (Standard GW kit)
[Image: paPfXBm.jpg]
Solland Musician (Mantic Bard from the KOW2 KS)
[Image: mVrkppq.jpg][Image: 1oo8dih.jpg]
Talabecland Battle Standard Bearer (Gamezone Minis)
[Image: wU1l2Nq.jpg][Image: fmM8D3T.jpg][Image: Akh4KPJ.jpg]
Solland Battle Standard Bearer (Raging Heroes)

The above are largely for when I use the army in Kings of War as that game allows multiple Battle Standards in your army. The Musician works as a BSB unless I'm using the KOW Historical lists which actually have Musicians as an option. The Solland characters are refugees who were re-housed in Averland.
[Image: 6z8AGkV.jpg]
Peasant Archer Militia (GW Brettonians)
[Image: lvZOtno.jpg][Image: 5gI5Gop.jpg]
Elf Ranger (GW Maiden Guard Champion)
Zark not believe in Democracy. We go left!
Sweet ass Auric warriors and overall good looking army, m'lord!

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