Estalian Army
At the risk of threadmancy I must comment.

Very nice army and very nice work. Your force is stunning!
[Image: banner-1.jpg]
Looks great henerius. It's always good to see a well painted army with one theme and I realy love both knights and pistoliers.

There is no fear, there is only faith
Your themed army is impressive, i especially like the 'lupo' shields on cavalry. Where did u get so many?
I just wonder, is there no way u could use the coach as a war wagon or something else likely usefull?
thx for your support btw.
Henerius - good to see some more of your Estalians. Like them lots. Ever thought of doig some light cavalry?
OOOOOOO! well done! I like the pistolers myself though I would have tryed to find a fater paymaster
Also known as Dwi 
!!!!! Impressive!!!!!!

a superb work, henerius
Never get tired at looking at this army.

Thought I'd bump it because it's so good.
Agreed. great work!
I love the Lorenzo shields. Those would be hard to get now.

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