Estalian Army
I have seen some very nice armies on this forum.  I think it's time to give a contribution myself.

Here is an overview of my current army I am painting. The main theme is Estalia, in which I am right now only have an Empire based army (swordsmen, detachments). Right now my plans go to another unit of Pike-/Spearmen So I can play these troops both Empire and Dogs of War. The detachments Sword-and-Buckler change then from close formation to skirmish and voila Cool  (according to the plans right now, but no plans survive contact with my paintbrush Tongue)
[Image: update3-7-20091.jpg~original]

The hart of my army, the commanders, heroes, lords and of course a lady
The man in green is the "to be" paymaster, as soon as the pikes take the field.
[Image: update3-7-20097.jpg~original]
[Image: update3-7-20096.jpg~original]

The hammer from a distance the artillery (I am still amazed by the patience I've put up to make these bases...  I am a convert speedpainter so to say)
[Image: update3-7-20093.jpg~original]
[Image: update3-7-20094.jpg~original]

Myrmidian knights. The shields are those of Lorenzo Lupo, the sun-with-fase on his shield the reason why they carry them. The Knights of the Blazing Sun are also known as the Templars of Myrmidia because of their devotion to the Estalian warrior deity Myrmidia.  
As Blazing Suns carry other colours and are of course a Empire based order, there brother in arms have no direct links to them (as no sensible Estalian would take orders from an Imperial officer)
[Image: EstalianCavalry001.jpg~original]
The shields were mailordered during the good old days of mailorder Wink

[Image: update3-7-20099.jpg~original]

The pistoliers (the banners are re-used Voland's banner/rags)
[Image: Estaliancav008.jpg~original]
[Image: Estaliancav009.jpg~original]

and of course, the queen of the battlefield: the infantry!
[Image: update3-7-200911.jpg~original]
[Image: update3-7-200912.jpg~original]

[edit] had to resize the images Smile They were a bit to big [/edit]
Fantastic work, man!

But the pictures of the infantry are not working...
working on it... photobucket is not giving up easily

[edit] better? [/edit]
For a self described speed painter they are nice.
[Image: cdosig.gif]
[Image: SignatureEditor.jpg]

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Very good, I like a well-themed army! Where did you get all those heads with the cool morion-helmets from?
All minis are very atmospheric in a Imperial-Spanic way Wink! Go on...
wow what a great army !!
btw where did you get the coach from ??
[Image: slayerbanner.jpg]

[Image: piratelogo222.jpg]
(07-04-2009, 04:51 AM)Kera Foehunter Wrote: wow what a great army !!
btw where did you get the coach from ??
probably mortheim!
well i see i have to get one !!!
[Image: slayerbanner.jpg]

[Image: piratelogo222.jpg]
Great models there.
And yes the coach is the Mordheim Stagecoach
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50.00 well i might have to wait for a while
but thanks for the link Baumann
[Image: slayerbanner.jpg]

[Image: piratelogo222.jpg]
Not a big fan of estalian, but nicely done. pistoliers look great.
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@ Kera: Once upon a time ago I wanted to buy an oppulent coach for a very, very nasty Kislevite warband. The thing can be bought by a very, very rich warband and the model is (ingame) complete useless...(you use the thing to show your opponent that you are a settled and wealthy warband who is going to woop ass.. sort off) to mark this event GW priced the model accordingly Angel

Unlucky for me I never had the rolls I needed to get one... and well as a background for an army.. the babe is a wizard.. so how does a contessa (oops, I broke a nail!!!) get into the battlefield?

The story, coach got stuck in an army column marching for... or escorted by an army that is...are very obvious ones...

only haven't written the story yet... Big Grin
Excellent army!
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Best Estalian army I have seen !
Millsy Wrote:Hi henerius,

I've just seen your army and it's truly gorgeous! I'm working on something similar with a Conquistador theme myself.

I'm crious where you got your heads / helmets as you seem to have found morions, pots, etc which is just what I'm after. If you can let me know where you got them I'd appreciate it.


For inspiration for all people who want to field Estalians Wink enjoy!

Blush thanks for the complements btw.
just checked out the links cool work their mate
Very nice army henerius, i missed it before!
I'm planning on getting the afore meantioned stage coach myself at some point. I want to convert it to an armoured coach for my Paymaster-General (Arch-Lector on War Alter) when i use my Dogs of War as Empire when the dogs aren't allowed.
The army is superb! I not sure only about the bases. Dirt / sand with green sides? I think brown would be better.
Well themed force there have some ducats.
nice to see an army with a well searched and strict theme.

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