Timbor's Dogs of War
Hi all! I signed up to participate in the "tale of many gamers" on warhammer-empire.com, a challenge to paint 3000 points in one year. I chose to paint up my Dogs of War for this endeavour. For the first month, September, I painted up a unit of Pirazzo's. 25 models total, 310 points - 8 of them are actually warlord games armoured pikemen. They are pewter models, and they paint up well! The only bummer to this unit is that 10 of them, inc command, had a mishap with some clumpy primer. In person its not too bad, but blown up on a picture its pretty noticeable, IMO. Overall, I am pleased with the result.

[Image: Pirazzos1.jpg]

[Image: Pirazzos3.jpg]
very pretty. I love the bases too! Nice to see something beyond the usual flock.
sand, small pepples painted to look like earth and rocks, then clumps of foliage and static grass glued on. That's how I'd do it, anyway.
Pretty much, yes. I got a small 250ml cup of sand from a park couple of years ago, and it has a nice mix of sand and pebbles. Before priming, I apply PVA glue to the bases, and dip them in the sand. Once the glue dries, I prime, then paint the minis/base.

The bases were painted bestial brown, followed by a graveyard earth highlight. The larger rocks were then drybrushed codex grey, followed by a lighter grey (I use some random grey I got a while back).

Then I put some PVA in a few sections and apply regular green static grass in those areas. After the glue has mostly dried again, I put a few dabs here and there, then put some GF9 autumn blend flock. I wanted to get a look of early-mid fall, where the grass is still green and the leaves are starting to fall. Kinda like the army is marching to complete its last campaign before winter sets in.
Fantastic work there, especially the bases!
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Leave them on the shelf
Nice looking unit. Well Done.
Finally got around to taking some pics from my october painting. Without further ado:

Rugluds armoured orcs x12: 214 points
[Image: DSC02218.jpg]

Ruglud, the champion, was a converted black orc big boss with a head swap and a hand swap using a plastic black orc, an empire xbow, and an orc blade:
[Image: DSC02221.jpg]

I also magnetized the shield in case I want to swap it out later
[Image: DSC02223.jpg]

Next up, one ogre, LA and GW, 44 points:
[Image: DSC02215.jpg]
[Image: DSC02216.jpg]
[Image: DSC02217.jpg]

Army to date:
25 pirazzos - 310 pts
12 Rugluds - 214 pts
1 ogre, LA GW - 44 pts

Total: 568 points

[Image: DSC02224.jpg]
thought you'd given up Wink Not my favourite regiment in the world, but you've done a wonderful job on it. What's up next?
Heavy cavalry for this month. Non-GW manufacturer. Hopefully should be able to finish em this month!

Ruglud's are up there with Pirazzo's for my favorite GW unit sculpt, so I had a blast painting them!
November update - despite being busy, I got some stuff done!

First off, paymaster! (Armour Silver Steel, Luckstone, Great Weapon - 109 pts):

[Image: Paymaster1.jpg]
[Image: Paymaster2.jpg]
[Image: Paymaster3.jpg]

The last picture here is meant to show his moneybag that fell on the ground
[Image: Paymaster4.jpg]

The idea behind this guy was that he is a merchant accountant from Kislev. He carries his account book with him everywhere - even into battle! He has been known to crack it open in the heat of combat to jot down notes about which soldiers are fighting valiantly, and thus deserve a bonus, and which ones are running cowardly - thus deserving nothing! Sure helps to boost morale!

Next up, 5 Heavy Cavalry w musician - 120 points:

[Image: Hcav1.jpg]

These are gripping beast medieval russian cavalry, with one of them being Byzantine Tagmatic cavalry. The scale is not too bad compared to the old GW unarmoured horses, and the riders are just a touch smaller than gryphon legion cavalry. Detail is somewhat less though. I have another group of 5 that will be added to these, and will make a nice large block of knights. They are supposed to be from Kislev as well - they travel with the paymaster, acting as protectors.

All in all, fun stuff to paint. Glad I finally got around to painting my paymaster guy. I did the conversion like a year ago.

Army shot:

[Image: 12-03-10army.jpg]

Total points: 797

Hopefully December will be a nice, productive month for me :happy: I have several ideas in the works.
Reallay great stuff...like the colours!
Some efforts from December. Much of it, aside from visiting family, was spent preparing for A5 by writing fluff, and building this guy:

Moddin the troll, possessed by the spirit of Ennio Mordini:

[Image: trollWIP1.jpg]

[Image: trollWIP2.jpg]

[Image: trollWIP3.jpg]

[Image: troll5.jpg]

[Image: troll4.jpg]

[Image: troll3.jpg]

[Image: troll1.jpg]

You can read about him here:

Next, I kitbashed 10 duellists using some models I had as well as archers + pistolier bits, painted in a kislev colour scheme:

[Image: duellists.jpg]

[Image: duellists2.jpg]
That troll is awesome.
Fantastic work!!! Keep it up!
Dogs of War 41-1-5 (Retired)
Tomb Kings 33-0-1 (Retired)

Uncharted Seas: Shroud Mages
Dystopian Wars: Prussian Empire
40K: Blood Angels & Imperial Guard

Check out my Blog at http://www.angelssanguine.blogspot.com

Leave them on the shelf
That Troll is total amazing, go on!

It fits to Mordini's character, to hide in the green a%s of a stinkin' Troll Wink
This army is absolutely awesome, have some gold!
Going from strength to strength, looking good and colourful.
Thanks for the comments guys! Last couple months have been busy, but I hope to paint some more Dogs of War either this month or in March and April. We shall see how I can swing it with the new OnG models coming out. I will have a boatload to paint.

Though I could see myself fielding an all OnG Dogs of War army someday.
best troll i have seen!!!!
Starting to make some progress on my cursed company, which is tying in to my troll's story on A5. Some pics

[Image: DSC02415.jpg]

[Image: DSC02418.jpg]

[Image: DSC02414.jpg]

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