Dogs of War Site Rules
Welcome to Dogs of War Online!

Mission Statement: With version 3.0 of Dogs of War Online the staff pledges to bring a great spot to discuss war gaming in many forms. With the demise of Warhammer Fantasy Battle from Games Workshop we are now broadening our horizons to include different gaming systems but still as they pertain to Dogs of War!

General Rules:
In order to assure that all visitors have a great time on the site please look over these general rules before posting. All rules listed hereafter are subject to change as we see fit/ or need to.

* Staffers. If a staffer asks you to do something please do it. We're fairly free-speech here at Dogs of War Online but use good judgment. In short be cool, and the Staff will be too. If a staffer asks you to refrain from a particular activity or thread please comply. If you have a grievance with a staffer please contact the Site owner and Lead Administrator Willmark

* Be polite to others; always assume the best and avoid flaming, rudeness, swearing, SHOUTING and causing general nuisances. Obscenity, derogatory terms and racial abuse will also not be tolerated. This applies to people's avatars and signatures.

* Advertising or trading of any miniatures is only allowed in The Market Place. Advertising for anything other than wargaming miniatures or wargame hobby related products will result in the threads being locked. Dogs of War Online provides the Marketplace section as a courtesy to its users. We have no finical stake in the proceedings therein. Use at your own risk.

* Single Ebay links are allowed (it's up to the individual whether they choose to buy anything), but not relentless advertising of Ebay shops. Please place these in the Marketplace forum only.

* Please respect the Staff and your fellow members by only posting in English so we can all understand. We respect the fact that English may not be your first language. No need to worry you're probably doing better then us native speakers. Smile

* Spamming gets the Ban-hammer! If it's your first post and its spam we will assume you are a spam bot and your account will most likely be locked/ deleted. If you feel this is error just re-register and make your first few posts things that could not be taken as spam and contact one of the Staff.

* Advertising the copying or mold-making of original models (for the purposes of mass production) is a breach of  intellectual property rights and/or copyrights and  is not advised. Any such threads may be locked or deleted. We cannot stress this enough. Also refrain from using others artwork without their permission.

Signatures and Avatars
* Signatures and Avatars may not contain offensive words or images.

* Animated GIF's in signatures are not permitted.

* Graphics are permitted in sigs as long as they are small, large ones will be removed.

Forum Etiquette
The Dogs of War Online Forum is a place where people can relax and chat about all things Dogs of War. There are several things members can to do try and keep the forum running smoothly.

* If a topic has not had any replies for at least a month then let it slowly slide down the page. Generally it's not a good idea to dredge up old topics unless you have something new to add. "Theromancy" as it is known is fine if you have something new to add.

* Resist the urge to flame! If you feel a topic has escalated to the point where no one is happy, let it go and report the post! Try and get the thread back on topic or ignore it.

* Don't use excessive txt spk or other shorthand ways of writing. It's hard to read and is completely unnecessary.

* Please use  punctuation when you post, its easier to read. Smile

* Avoid making the vast majority of your posts one-liners, especially the sort that add very little constructively. If you've got something to say share it!

Using your Account
You can access your account by going to User CP on the main list at the top. Here you can change your settings and your public avatar/ signature. If you have issues with your account or a question contact the Staff and we can help.

The top level navigation is a great way to navigate site and each has a specfic function: Portal
The Portal is a great place to view the site "at a glance". Handy info is on the left side and forum announcements in a condensed form.

The Gallery is current under construction and being revamped. Stay tuned for updates.

Like the gallery this section is undergoing some changes due to the Forum software being upgraded to version 1.8. The new usermap is almost ready!

Just like it says, need to find something? The function works very well in the new version of the forum software.

The new wiki is up and running on a wikidot site. Want to help? Contact Willmark.

Looking for a member of the site? You can find all the details here.

Need a handy calendar? Its a base function of the software, so there it stays...

This is help for the MyBB forum software, should you have a question about it that is...

That's about it for now, we hope you enjoy the site.


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