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9th Age - tarastop - 09-29-2015

Is anyone working on a Dogs of War for 9th? I heard that they have groups of people working on other army books.

RE: 9th Age - someone2040 - 09-30-2015

Dunno if they're interested in doing the niche armies yet, think they've got their hands full trying to balance the existing armies to be ready for ETC (if the ETC choose to go with 9th Age, quite a high likelihood I think).
Otherwise, if the ETC doesn't choose to go with 9th Age, I wonder what kind of future it will have.

RE: 9th Age - Akbar - 10-03-2015

Well, they did.

RE: 9th Age - Willmark - 01-18-2016

Excellent, glad to hear it.

RE: 9th Age - Willmark - 01-18-2016

Sounds good. Please forward the PDF on when it is ready.

Don't worry about your English, its better then my Italian. Smile

RE: 9th Age - Sharkbelly - 01-20-2016

Sounds great!

RE: 9th Age - Willmark - 01-23-2016

So far so good, keep us posted on the team's progress.

RE: 9th Age - tarastop - 01-24-2016

Are you working with the 9th Age group or independently? They stated that the Dogs of War work will begin sometime in April with them.

RE: 9th Age - Willmark - 01-24-2016

Not entirely sure but the fact that they haven't forgotten about the Dogs of War is encouraging, no matter what system.

RE: 9th Age - Willmark - 01-26-2016

So can you guys confirm the timeline for release of the 9th Age rules for Dogs of War? Is April accurate?

RE: 9th Age - Mirdhynn - 01-27-2016

Great to hear that the dogs of war army book will be reloaded.
I like the idea of the captains you posted, it can give our regiment a single personnality!

RE: 9th Age - Mirdhynn - 01-27-2016

(01-27-2016, 06:50 AM)Italian Condottiero Wrote: The PDF can be release from April to September when other army book was bloccked for the ETC

Hope it will be more on April, September will be hard to wait. Wink

Just a suggestion about your spoiler : 
The fact to add a "renown" captain to a unit to increase it is cool and perfectly fit the concept.
I think it will be a must for close combat units because the hero will help them when they will fight. 
But for shooting units, buying a hero to add special rules is perhaps a too high cost as the hero will not save the unit if it is contacted.

Do you think we will have some "Da Vinci" inventions in the army book? like birdmens for example.Tongue

RE: 9th Age - Willmark - 01-27-2016

Great to hear.

If you need play testers obviously we're one of the most well known Dogs of War forums. Site has been updated, new functionality installed, new and old members coming back!

Spread the word!

RE: 9th Age - Willmark - 02-04-2016

I'm with Mirdhynn- late in the year is an awefuly long time, anyway it can be sooner? Wink

RE: 9th Age - Mirdhynn - 02-16-2016

From the 9th age forum

Quote:You shouldn't expect any kind of draft before autumn/winter. Could it happen before, maybe, but highly unlikely. Also autumn/winter isn't written in stone so it could be even later. There is a lot of work to do with the existing Core Armies before we can start adding Auxiliary Armies.

So nothing before end of year for dogs of war. And perhaps nothing this year. 
I also asked for a dedicated forum on the ninth age website to make the ideas progress, but they also said no. Dodgy
I have to be honnest, these responses appear really strange to me after the spoilers posted here by Italian Condottiero (Nothing against you Italian Condottiero, but why giving us some hope and then close all communications ? The project have been replanned ?)

I am new on this forum, but would it be possible for some of us to adapt our army book to ninth age on this forum ?
Willmark, would it be possible to use this forum as a player rally point to imagine a temporary 9th age army book ?

RE: 9th Age - Willmark - 02-16-2016

Feel free, the forum is for promoting Dogs of War in any and all forms. Regardless of edition, we are THE place for Dogs of War!

RE: 9th Age - JohnHwangDW - 12-12-2016

15 months, no progress, nothing. Not even an update in the 6 months since Dogs of War were named "Iron Crowns".

I'm actually madder at Ninth Age than I am at GW.

RE: 9th Age - Mirdhynn - 12-13-2016

(12-12-2016, 10:45 PM)JohnHwangDW Wrote: 15 months, no progress, nothing.  Not even an update in the 6 months since Dogs of War were named "Iron Crowns".

I'm actually madder at Ninth Age than I am at GW.

I was part of a group which proposed something to their team.
Unfortunately, for various reasons(Copyright, their team want to keep the drive on their project ...), our attempt was rejected.
Considering that their orignal release date was planned on April 2017 and the "smash" they got in the face from community with the last release 1.2, I wouldn't expect anything until 2018, now. 
But I am not part of their team so I cannot be sure.

RE: 9th Age - JohnHwangDW - 12-13-2016

Yeah, it's just crazy.

My main issue is that there's never a perfect time, so constantly pushing Dogs of War off is BS.

RE: 9th Age - mahbruck - 01-30-2017

It doesn't really matter. I'm pretty disillusioned with all the 9th age stuffs anyway, especially the drones with their lame fanboyistic chant 'domina vult'. If I can kickstart my local Wargame group, which has great growing potential, the more simply minded will go to Age of Sigmar while the more hardcore and pageantry-loving will go with 8th/6th edition (or Kings or War, Ancients...)