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Willmark's Warband of Nippon
Inspired by this I think it's time to go all in for the Dogs of War.
[Image: c22niprocketcrew.jpg]

Nippon Rocket Crew at the Stuff of Legends

Much like my buddy clam  and his at Chaos Dwarfs Online Marauder Mini Quest(s) over at CDO I think this will start out as a collecting quest. My goal is practical as well because right now almost all my warhammer stuff is packed up in preparation for a move.

So with that said I'll be chronicling my adventures here. First off is eBay as I want at least two of the war rockets and their crews. This will work well as I plan on using my force as a "count as Empire" for those times that I can't field them as Dogs of War for whatever reason.

The force is going to be built from Perry Miniatures Age of War Samurai Armies range along with the old Nippon range from GW via eBay or Bartertown. I think this will be the better way for me to go as it will look more GW in it's style. I have a good number of Legends of the five rings minis but don't like most of them; we'll see on that front.

For "pikeman" I'm going to use these guys from Perry Miniatures:

As noted in the marketplace the basic idea is a core of Ronin samurai that have left Nippon and are now mercs. Regiments of Renown possibilities are endless too.

The paint scheme won't be decided until later obviously but the idea is they are a bunch of for pay soldiers now with all that entails.

I've not given much thought to the paymaster yet... Perhaps a wagon full of Koku? (Rice). It would be a nice in joke for me personally as I love rice... open to suggestions here.

Another great thought I had is replacing Asarnil with a oriental dragon as a fine centerpiece.

Anyways time to start watching for old nippon minis on eBay.
Just hit on another idea: the old Citadel range from GW had a boatload of Ninjas. I'm thinking the could make great, or at least characterful stand in for Duelists.

However these guys could work too: Especially for detachments when used as "Count As" for Empire.

EDIT: As I'm pulling this from the old site I'm looking to perhaps make these guys into a hybrid "old-hammer" style army. This makes sense I participate in the hobby side far more then I actually pay the game.

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