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Freaking Axis Football has a franchise mode
nd when EA is inquired why these features aren't in modern Madden, they deliver up the bullshit"Lack of Resources" excuse. I'm sorry but do they seriously expect us to think that shit?! EA is a billion dollar business giant with hundreds of millions of dollars in yearly earnings. They DO have the resources to make an adequate deep soccer sim, they simply refuse to do so since it is not"marketable". You wish to Madden 20 coins realize how profound a sports game could be?! Look at NBA 2K. Say what you may about 2K and their monetization schemes, at least 2K's basketball games are extremely deep. Everything that can occur in the NBA that is modern, can occur in then some and MyLeague. MyLeague's biggest element of depth is that the customization.

Freaking Axis Football has a franchise mode. And Axis Football is manufactured by a two person team. How come they have the resources to get a deep franchise mode one of the business giants doesn't? If EA had the tools to acquire a stupid manner with celebrities in Madden nfl, they have the tools to create a deep franchise mode and also a decent game. Speaking of that. Unrealistic Gameplay- they'd have yanked EA's license years If the NFL were seriously interested in protecting their reputation and the integrity. I argue that EA ought to be sued for false advertising.

Fade Routes are hopeless because it's not possible for your QB to throw the football in an arc within the defense Instead, a LB or Security will immediately pick off the ball. You wish to see how fade routes are supposed to work play APF 2K8 The notorious psychic defenders that are a problen in Madden for decades, are still as bad as ever. The game sucks. In what league will you be able to deliver a perfect and see that a QB run 20 yards back The physics are wonky. It is all animation. Not even physics. Leading to unrealistic and goofy tackling. DBs taking angles that are bad. Even in some cases tackles that defy the laws of mathematics.

The animations look robotic and rigid - I mean come on, EA has access to the most recent cutting edge mocap technology. Certainly, the animations will look more natural. Kick blocks are scripted. Compared to APF 2K8. Blocking IQ also sucks, tons of missed blocks. Also, being able to spam the identical busted ass money plays every play. If this were an actual NFL game, since opposing defenses and offenses would adapt to this play, you'd get blown the fuck outside and fired. I could go on for this, but you get the idea. If John Madden watched some of the contemporary games that bear his name, he would be furious and need his name be removed from the item. Remember, John was furious at the first build of John Madden Football since it was not 11 on 11 football or the most realistic football game possible based on the current tech.

I will say it.It's really pathetic that a match that came out 12 decades ago (APF 2K8) is a much more precise representation of Professional Soccer compared to the biggest football video game series in history. Here's a video of APF 2K8 gameplay, see how organic and natural it seems compared to Madden Another component where contemporary Madden falls short is presentation. Stadiums all feel exactly the same- For instance, Kansas City and Seattle are supposed to be LOUD and mad, yet in Madden they are no louder than any other stadium. Home field advantage that's a major deal in cheap Mut 20 coins football, is available.

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