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I enjoy the content creators and the community - Nanlina - 07-02-2020

The quests try to be varied and fascinating. Evidently, if you consult with a pursuit guide to prep all the materials beforehand, do not read some of the dialog, and attempt to blitz them as quickly as possible, you are likely to RS gold feel like an errand boy. Because you've stripped out all of the portions of the quests which aren't errands. And, why I (and probably others) continue playing is because there's so many distinct things to do. I keep a checklist of all of the things I wish to do, removing things from it and continually adding onto. So when I get sick of performing a single task, I could do one of those half a dozen other things I'd lined up anyhow.

Unlike when I played f2p, I never feel like I'm doing a grind for its own sake, it feels as though it ties in to something else I want to unlock/want to do. And as there's a lot of connective tissue between the skills/quests/unlocks/diaries, that thing you are slogging through right now will, at some point, assist you with something you actually need to do. I don't feel since I need a mining degree to mine like I am mining with. Now I'm mining since I need a coal bag to speed my smithing to make money faster to train everything else quicker to get more unlocks etc etc etc..

It's really satisfying to want to do something (like a pursuit or sth) and recognize you only have one or two requirements to perform it, as you did the rest of them in service of different things you wanted sooner. I got into RuneScape game as a member for the first time, after a childhood of being f2p since we were broke, and it has sucked me in. Can't wait until I have my quest cape.

I like the ride for what it really is. Between having a baby on the way and work, RuneScape is. MMOs are out of the question due to the time necessary to grind in a computer while ACTIVELY. While I want to sit down and play a match, I can do the things that need more intensive attention on OSRS, but that I don't eliminate progress because of my hectic lifestyle. I like benchmarks RuneScape game offers. I struggled and killed Jad a couple of months before, and I was thrilled. I'm currently grinding out 99 runecrafting for the lols and memes (it'd be my first 99 and I am currently at 88).

I enjoy the content creators and the community. There is so much social lore to RuneScape game that makes seeing the subreddit worthwhile. RuneScape is great for what it really is. I take pleasure in the lift ride. While I really do cheap RuneScape gold like runescape a bit. I get. Even got membership for the first time. Half way in I stopped playing cause it came down to me doing quest after quest and I didn't see the pleasure in that. Plus I stopped being much of a gamer for any reason that I'm in my 20s.