Number9's painting journey (update 10/25/13)
Right now, the 5 crossbows below are all I have completed for a roughly 2500 point Dogs of War army. This thread will serve as a place to mark my progress throughout the year and solicit feedback.

[Image: mercxbows.jpg]

These guys are Old Glory Landsknecht Crossbowmen, and were done about a year ago. They were my test models for the color scheme I chose for this army. I wanted something fairly colorful, but quick to paint and reasonably clean looking. I'm eschewing metallic paint at the moment because I prime in white, and the way I like to paint with metallics requires a black undercoat. When I get to the more heavily armored models it will increase painting time more than I care for, so I've chosen very simplistic 3-4 step NMM to represent my cold merc steel. We'll see if that becomes a horrible choice later on.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome.
Looks great, like a pride parade with all the colours Tongue
The paintjob is very good, but what I really like are the bases!! Realistic and effectfull work! Great!
I've got two new additions, five more crossbowmen from old glory miniatures:
[Image: xbowmen20.jpg]

and my halfling hotpot from games workshop:
[Image: hotpot0.jpg]

Next up are my duelists from Vendel which will also serve as my Golden Pike IV entry. They are WIP on my painting bench now, but should be ready in advance for the deadline. After that I need to get to work on my Long Drong slayer pirates, which should be a load of fun to paint. Comments of any sort are always welcome Smile

*EDIT for image sizing
Those old glory figs paint up really nicely! I like how you brought out the detail in them. From the pictures, it looks like you just used straight sand for the base. You could try applying a dark brown/black wash just to supply some shading to the sand. If you have done that already, then I guess I can't see it in the picture.

Great jorb so far!
The sand is actually painted. I use vallejo "pale sand" straight out of the bottle, and when dry I apply minwax polyshades "antique walnut" to the whole base. It really sucks down into the detail of the sand particles nicely without shading the whole thing too much. It's funny because my basing stuff is actually blue craft sand with a few larger pebbly bits added for texture, if it wasn't painted the bases would look crazy!

Thanks for the comment.
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Impressive painting jobs... Photographing them on a white background would be even better Wink
Yeah, just take a white sheet of paper, it'll work wonders!

probably one of the best minis round here!

Number9, you have to participate at golden pike IV!!!
I'll be participating! I'm curious as to why the white background preference? I've done both but lately I feel the black background suits the vibrant colors better. White is easier for photoshop removal though.
Indeed, and especially if Willmark will include your work to gold n glory!
(04-06-2010, 10:47 AM)number9 Wrote: <snip> White is easier for photoshop removal though.

You sir are very perceptive...
I can provide what is needed if desired, either 'shopped or by way of a photographic reshoot. I'll try to lift these later tonight and see how it goes.
Doing so by tonight will make the Site Admin very happy.
Been back working on these models after eighth edition came out. The first is one of my mercenary ogres with great weapon courtesy of Foundry:
[Image: IMG_1776.JPG]
The next are five duelists with pistols courtesy of Vendel (now sgt. Major) miniatures:
[Image: IMG_1777.JPG]
Grrrrrrrrrreat! Wink
Lovely painting, puts mine quite to shame! I was going to upload some of mine this week but now i'm not sure i'm brave enough...
Two more Foundry Ogres completed so that give me a finished unit of three, only 6 more to go Blush
[Image: IMG_1799.JPG]
[Image: IMG_1798.JPG]

I think I need to ask santa for a new camera. mine is starting to go south. The manual focus function, which used to be very reliable, can't keep even a half inch depth of field in focus, no matter how much ligh I throw at the subject, not sure why. Also it shuts off if I pull out the LCD screen all the way. Blah.
I've been considering an Old Glory landsknecht army for a while now, but it's hard to find decent pics of them. This thread has just settled if for me. Time to dig out the credit card...

And I think the bases look great. I think a lot of people put too much effort into bases for scant results when it comes to shading and highlighting ballast.
If you get pikemen, I'd recommend the steel rod for pikes. I believe old glory sells it, along with the planished spearpoints on a separate sprue of pewter.

On the whole the old glory landsknecht figs are *ok* for the price. I only have the crossbowmen and pikemen, since they were always going to be the bulk of the model count, so I can't speak to the quality of the rest of the line. Mine were really messy and required a lot of filing and cleaning. The underlying sculpting is solid, just lots of flash and some bad mold lines.

I might still buy a front ranks' worth of Artizan Designs landsknechts just to make the initial impression across the table a bit better. I'll decide when I get my current pikes all done.

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