M4cR1II3n's Araby army
Seeing as I have already made the rules, of course I have to build the actual army to go with them!

This is a side project to my Dogs of War army, which will eventually become at least a 2250 pts army.

A modest start to begin with, showing off some of my characters. These are all reaper models.

Vizier with Djinn (will get some highlights and basing of course):
[Image: Bild283.jpg]

Vizier (more of a princess really, but a wizard nonetheless):
[Image: Bild284.jpg]

Corsair Captain:
[Image: Bild285.jpg]

I already have a war elephant as you know, still waiting for those archers from BTD (3 months and counting, but what did you expect?)

I also have the Desert Dogs waiting to get painted.

If I can get my models from BTD eventually, I will place a larger order with them, as they have both great prices and a great assortment of models (but not so great customer service or shipping times...)
(09-15-2009, 08:00 PM)M4cR1II3n Wrote: This is a side project to my Dogs of War army, which will eventually become at least a 2250 pts army.

Will you be using your Hasharin duelists though?

Very nice so far (thumbs up!).
Thanks. Yes, of course I will, no point in making another unit looking exactly the same, but for another army Tongue
Which model is the Djinn? I think I'd be interested in getting that model if I go ahead with my Araby Bloodbowl team (To use as an Ogre).

Overall models look quite good. But I think it's gonna be a little hard to flesh out the army? What models do you have in mind for your troops and such? A few characters don't make an army after all Smile
The Djinn is this model:

Of course I mean to get some actual troops as well, but you gotta start somewhere. If you read the entire first post, you might get the hint that I will be using mainly models from black tree design Wink The "Warriors of Islam" and "saracens" range that is.
After a long silence on the painting front from me, I finally started painting again. I'm currently working on a hasharin (from LotR) and Suladan (also from LotR), as well as the desert dogs. Finally got my models from BTD (4-5 months waiting or so), with my light cavalry and vizier on carpet. Of course the archers and camels were missing, as I suspected they would. Customer service is fantastic!

Anyway, you can expect more pics soon.
Wow, forget what I said about pics soon, still not finished with anything! I have been making some progress though, but it's slow as usual. I decided to change my colour scheme from red/black to beige/green instead, will make them stand out more. The Vizier with the Djinn will keep his colours though, I want my Jafar from Aladdin Tongue

Anyway, I placed an order with perry miniatures, BTD and purchased Suladan the Saracen from ebay, so now I have almost 2000 pts to play with, as soon as they arrive that is. The army as it is with all models I purchased so far:

1 Sultan
1 Caliph on foot
1 Sheikh on horse
1 Vizier with Djinn
1 Vizier on carpet
1 Vizier on foot
1 Corsair Captain
1 Hashashin Assassin
24 Warriors of Araby with scimitars
24 Warriors of Araby with spears
20 Archers
6 Desert Riders with spears
6 Desert Riders with bows
6 Naffatun
6 Camel Riders with command
15 Slave Guards with slavemaster
18 Sultan's Guard with command
5 Flying Carpets
1 War Elephant
16 Hashashin

What I now have left to get is 30 Janissaries with handguns from old glory miniatures, and 6 Mamlukes from Muskeeteer miniatures, and I'm pretty much done. After painting it all, of course!
Wow... your 'Jafar' is pretty, pretty good man!

The djinn and the flaming skull adds nice touches!
[Image: dowomemsig.gif]

It's mine, mine, mine
For the taking
It's mine, boys
Mine me that gold!
Nice Princess !!There alway more than being a plain Princess
[Image: slayerbanner.jpg]

[Image: piratelogo222.jpg]
Awesome model. I eagerly await more.
Have so far received half my order from BTD, so I have most of the cavalry now. Also ordered the Mamlukes and 60 Janissaries (they were $19 for 30 in metal, what was I supposed to do!?) as well as an Onager, crew to it, some commanders, Imam, three special characters, a Bladedancer two Dibbukim and the Saracens Starter box from Hell Dorado (now OOP, had to order from France!), which gives me a Sultan, a Hashishin, two Sultan's Guard champions, a Sandwraith, a panther and 4 Guards that could be used as champions for the Warriors. All in all, A LOT.

Also decided on a new colour scheme, beige and dark green for the army, and black and scarlet for the Bedouins. Have been painting quite a lot too, just need to base the models and I'll put up the new pics.
As promised (quite a while ago) I finally have something new to show (and some old stuff with a new coating).

War Elephant:
[Image: Bild289.jpg]
[Image: Bild290.jpg]
[Image: Bild292.jpg]

[Image: Bild294.jpg]
[Image: Bild295.jpg]

Female Vizier:
[Image: Bild315.jpg]

Corsair Captain:
[Image: Bild310.jpg]

[Image: Bild317.jpg]

Vizier on carpet:
[Image: Bild296.jpg]

[Image: Bild299.jpg]
Close-up on Sultan's "bitch" :p:
[Image: Bild300.jpg]

[Image: Bild308.jpg]

Commanders including BSB (still need to finish the actual motive):
[Image: Bild309.jpg]

[Image: Bild306.jpg]
[Image: Bild307.jpg]

Caliph on foot:
[Image: Bild316.jpg]

[Image: Bild303.jpg]

Will probably go back later and paint their eyes and finish up the final touches, atm I'm mostly looking for getting a playable army on the table so i can start playtesting them thoroughly.
You've actually managed to call a woman wearing a buhrka an Imam, now that is really funny! Tongue

Those are some really good looking models pal. Youre army is made of awesome!
(10-21-2009, 05:25 AM)Freman Bloodglaive Wrote: My dice hate me, so all re-rolls are gratefully accepted.
Haha, thanks! Smile

Regarding the Imam with the buhrka, it actually says on Gripping beasts website that it is an Imam, even though I do agree with you Wink

I will try to do something about the bases too, at least the elephant will have a dead undead skeleton at its base.
Wow the guards around the sultan and his woman have short pikes???
not all pikemen are long ?????? Uryen
[Image: slayerbanner.jpg]

[Image: piratelogo222.jpg]
Actually, that would be "spears", Kera :p
lol there not spears Britney is the only spears i know !!
there call lances where i'm from any way that is a cool army can't wait to see more
[Image: slayerbanner.jpg]

[Image: piratelogo222.jpg]
Lances are what cavalry use, spears are on foot. Or pikes if they are longer. Although light cavalry uses spears too...

Thanks btw, I'm painting a lot atm, so I'll probably have my Hell Dorado minis finished in a week or so. Then comes the cavalry... man, I hate painting horses, and I doubt camels will be much more fun...
Dude... loved your army!!

Your Caliph is the classic Suladan isn't him? The Sultan is fullfilled of AWESOMENESS!

Nice color scheme as well!
[Image: dowomemsig.gif]

It's mine, mine, mine
For the taking
It's mine, boys
Mine me that gold!
Thanks, the sultan is my favourite model so far too Smile I will go back to him later, give him an ink wash as well as painting the eyes.

Will take better pictures of all the models too, less blurry and better lightning promised :p

And yes, the Caliph is the Suladan model from LotR, with a shield attached.

The next week I'm expecting my Corsairs, Saladin, Dibbukim (religious fanatics), Mamlukes and the crew to my onager. If I'm lucky I might get my Janissaries too.

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