Dogs of War
[Image: AlMuktarsDesertDogs.jpg]
[Image: AmazonWarband.jpg]
[Image: BraganzasBesiegers.jpg]
[Image: BronzinosGalloperGun.jpg]
[Image: Cannon.jpg]
[Image: CursedCompany.jpg]
[Image: Duellists1.jpg]
[Image: Duellists2.jpg]
[Image: GalloperGunTeam.jpg]
[Image: Giant.jpg]
[Image: HalflingHotPot.jpg]
[Image: HeavyCavalryledbyMercenaryGeneral.jpg]
[Image: LeopoldsLeopardCompany.jpg]
[Image: LightCavalry.jpg]
[Image: LongDrongsSlayerPirates.jpg]
Another great army! I really like the positioning of the pike models, if mine weren't already based i'd try it myself.
I really like the colour schemes of youre pikes and the halberdiers! (Yay.... old skool Smile )
Very nice stuff here, the only thing I'd say to improve is the bases a bit plain IMHO.
(09-09-2009, 04:24 PM)thunderstorm Wrote: for the normal pike men were did you get the models or are they renown models?

yeah, they are all renown models, there is like 90 or so pikes so i don't think i need any regular pikes, though if they ever make some plastics, i may just make up a reason to get them.. Smile

thanks on the compliments and suggested improvements for all my armies, i will go and improve them when i have a chance, also fro putting the army threads in the right forum, 2 were posted b4 i realize it was in the Dogs of War forum rather than non Dogs of War army forum.
Dogs of War forum Wink

Nice army though Smile
Very nice army puts mine to shame Big Grin
(09-07-2009, 06:18 PM)henerius Wrote: I really like the colour schemes of youre pikes.

Same as here henerius, I also like the color scheme too much of his pikes. They are also attractive too. And I also believe that that all looks like the real war.
I really like your use of the Battlemasters minicannon. Looking good!
Good looking army. Specially like the bodyguard, old school right enough.
I particularly love the colour scheme on the leopard company, green and white always looks good for some reason. Smile[/align]
[Image: MalakaiMakaissonsGoblin-Hewer.jpg]
[Image: Maneaters.jpg]
[Image: MarksmenofMiragliano.jpg]
[Image: MercenaryCaptainonPegasus.jpg]
[Image: OglahKhansWolfboyzledbyGhazakKhan-Terror...arghan.jpg]
[Image: PaymastersBodyguardledbyPaymaster.jpg]
[Image: PirazzosLostLegionledbyMarcoColombo.jpg]
[Image: RiccosRepublicanGuardledbyLorenzoLupo.jpg]
[Image: TheAlcataniFellowshipledbyTruthsayer.jpg]
[Image: VesperosVendetta.jpg]
[Image: VolandsVenatorsaccompaniedbyLucrezziaBelladonna.jpg]
Oh, very nice. I like the middle ogre- where's she from?
I'm currently a knight, but someday I have dreams of advancing to Asarnil Dragonlord.

Not a Bretonnian knight, though. I want to be one of those cool Arabyan Mamluks.
Games workshop Female Maneater, online only I think.
Yup, she's a great model. I use her as the ship's cook in my ogre pirates.

One nitpicky thing: the chain the giant is carrying looks brand new. Perhaps wash it with a bit of devlan mud or ogryn flesh to muddy it up? Other than, that, beautiful.

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