A few unit questions.
I know the game is dead, and most who still play use either the fan made pdf or play empire. But with the old 6th edition rules in 8th. What was viable? I'm going to be start playing again with buddies, but never got to play 8th. Can someone give a quick rundown on what got better and still functioned and what didn't?
From what I gathered on this site, crossbow men and light calvary still function in core, ogres, dwarves and maraurders still function in special, and cannons still function in rare. As for ror, the galloper guns, LEOPOLD’S LEOPARD COMPANY, slayer pirates, manflayers, and marksmen seem ok.
You've got the majority of it, For the most part the rules didn't really change that much from 6th to 8th. Sure some things did but the basics are still there.
So it's really just pikes that took a huge hit and aren't worth it?
For the most part. Considering that pikes are a required for a true Dogs of War force you really have to take them whether or not pikes are any good.

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