The Paymasters Tent ... Tertius (re)builds the Cursed Company
Either way it's cool. If I were to pick just one RoR to collect and paint up these guys would be a strong contender.
[Image: dowsaturday%2B013.JPG]

I found a blog page today, this is a link to it, that had a very nice painted up Cursed Company. I like the way the skeletons have race appropriate shields. Nice touch. Must remember that. 

 There were pix of nearly all the RoRs, spread over three posts. Would not be surprised to find the owner is a member here.
Got to complete your unit and get it posted dude!
The hunt for skeletons continues. (My Warhammer stuff is mostly packed away, and not in a good labeled or organized way.)  Anyway, I found some more, sort of:
[Image: attachment.php?aid=358]
I spotted these guys in my camera roll. The photo gives me an idea where I should be looking in  
real life. Narrows it down to what room they were last seen in, least.

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I especially like the three in the front right from the right hand side of the photo.

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