Designing the best overall Merc General!
So what are your choice of items that can make a Merchant Prince or a Merc General stand toe to toe with the toughest mofos in the Warhammer universe (including the Fanbook items of course)? Lorenzo, Borgio, Marco or Ghazak get smacked down fast by anyone worth his salt.

I think this is the toughest Merc Character we can devise:
Merchant prince: Barded Warhorse, Fullplate, Brace of Pistols, Great Weapon, Helm of Myrmidon, Talisman of Preservation, Dawn Stone, Portion of Fullhardiness.

For mere 248 pts, cheaper than all our special Lords, he has 1+ Armor save rerollable, 4+ Ward Save, Anyone attacking him lose 1 attack and suffer -1 to hit. And he still sports 4 Str 6 attacks, immune to psycho on the charge. Put the guy with 14 Freelancers carrying banner of Miragliano, rerolling any 1 to hit with missile and close combat (I wish Voland's boys can carry magic banner), and let him run things down. 

So what do you think? I ask since my campaign always includes some wacky guys like Tyrion, Eltharion, Valten...etc.
Sorry for the blatant mistake of having 2 Talismans at the same time. So the chance for a perfect merchant prince really lessens. Let's go then with a Merc general endowed with Weaponmaster, orge blade, Dawnstone, the other Trickster's shard in full plate and barded warhorse. He is 'quite survivable' at 1+ rerolls and can dish out some pain. What do you think, m'lords?

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