[7-9-17] Death from the North... Rebirth of my Chaos Warriors
From the howling wastes of the north, the chaos lord awoke from his endless slumber. Such is the power of the gods whose followers populate chaos wastes, that the lord of countless battles and his retinue had slumbered undisturbed for untold eons. Now, he had heard the call of his masters and drew forth to once again to lay waste to all in his path...

This is the start of a blog chronicling the rebirth of my chaos force which has sat slumbering in its army crate for a decade plus. The force has gone through many forms over the years, but now Lord Drakken the Undefeated stirs once more. Like my High Elf force, (maybe even more so given the body count) my chaos force of warriors has never lost in battle, hence my chaos lord's moniker. Its now time to really bring them up to par.

In their current form they are more of a Khornate force, which I will be changing back to Chaos Undivided. I'm using the 5th edition and 6th edition army books as guides, but could easily be a force from 3rd edition as well. Throughout they are going to be a traditional subdued black and silver/iron schemed force in terms of color palette. Also since they are sweeping form the north and the ride my lord will now have? Snow bases.

Overall the force will have some of my classic chaos warrior minis sprinkled throughout. Sadly their scale being smaller will make it tough to integrate fully, so only certain models will make the cut.

Here is the roster so far in many different stages of completeness:

1 Chaos Lord- He is going to be riding a sled/sledge pulled by chaos steeds with huge antlers. This will be the latest form of Lord Draken. A 5th edition chaos chariot and steeds has been acquired off of eBay to form the basis, and all for $15! (idea from White Dwarf #278). The actual new figure that will represent the general is YTBD.

1 Battle Standard bearer. I have my old one which will go on the display shelf, Khorne themed. A new one is in order but no plans just yet.

20 Chaos Marauders with flails- probably the most ready. They were the last added when my force was geared towards Khorne. Just some touch ups and they will be ready to go. Has a chaos marauder from the 3rd edtion leading them.

15 Chaos Marauders with double handed weapons. These guys were assembled from spare dwarf parts and a few unused marauder sprues. They also feature two 3rd edition minis: One is a 3rd edition chaos warrior and the other a converted chaos warrior utilizing a fighter from the Empire range. Need to get a lot more marauder shoulder pads as I used a lot of them for my chaos dwarf warriors.

25 Beastmen- these are mixed Gors and Ungors as I liked the look. As I recall in 6th edition the two were mixed together. Either way they are all on 25mm bases. They are painted red, typical Khornate colors. Going to go with the brown and tan look as I want them more subdued. I anticipate them being quick to change over as they are fairly well painted.

4 Chaos Trolls- These are some of my favorite minis but painted over 20 years ago. So I might just leave them as is and re-base them.

3 Chaos Ogres- Just need some touch up and a new movement tray.

16 Chaos Warriors- The foot soldiers rank up well but the colors are brass and red. I may leave the brass and just repaint the red to black. Leaving the brass can denote they are elite perhaps. They have a command group from Gamesday Canada where I assembled them at a modeling workshop; the command group are the taller, solid piece chaos warriors from around 2008/9.

6 Chaos Knights- I have flipped and flopped on these the most. I finally decided on replacing these guys with some of the 6th/7th edition plastic knights. I really like the ornate helms. So I shelved my 3rd edition knights. (I'll display the previous Khorne force at a later point).

5 Chaos Marauder Horseman- I scored  a great deal and got the ones from the 6th edition range for 14 off of eBay.

1-2 Chaos Spawn. I think I'm going to convert sculpt one or possibly two.

1 Chaos Giant. Can be used in almost any edition even if I field them as a 3rd edition force.

1 chaos sorcerer: he's going to be a classic third edition mini but I haven't decided which one yet. I have 3-4 to choose from. Looks like I'm going use one one already have but modify him slightly. The first one is Bahl the Faceless (http://solegends.com/citcat912/c20274rcc...ors-00.htm)

Enough for now, time to get cracking with the brush.
Update #1
I have finally made some progress. I've been working steadily to convert these guys over from Khorne to a Undivided force as noted in the initial post. So far so good as I'd say they are about 60% done.

I usually don't show WIP, but here goes, 20 chaos marauders led by a 3rd edition chaos warrior mini. The standard needs some major work IMO as I painted it around 2000.

[Image: chaos_marauders1.jpg]

[Image: chaos_marauders2.jpg]

Along with that is the first character model a 3rd edition Chaos Sorcerer; the mini is known as Bahl the Faceless for obvious reasons... The staff has been modified with some extras from 40k and the left food had to be modeled from gray stuff as it was missing out of the blister when I got it around 1992.

He's getting close to complete, but have a lot more washes to apply.
[Image: chaos_sorcerer1.jpg]

[Image: chaos_sorcerer2.jpg]

[Image: chaos_sorcerer3.jpg]

[Image: chaos_sorcerer4.jpg]

Next round of photos I'll see if I can lighten these up.

Looking good so far! Be sure to keep us updated.
Update #2
While my sorcerer is drying (its done but I need to take some photos) I put in some work on my count as chariot in the form of a chaos sled/sledge. So far this is pretty basic but you can get an idea of how it will go.

As you can see I'm using a 3rd edition chaos warrior as my general. I'm not sure whether or not I will use him in this role but fits the bill for now and lets me get an idea how the sledge works in terms of scale and a 25mm base in the back. This is all based on an article from White Dwarf #287. The steeds are going to have fairly ornate reindeer type antlers if I can pull it off.
[Image: chaos_sled1.jpg]

[Image: chaos_sled2.jpg]

[Image: chaos_sled3.jpg]

As a side note I'll have the chaos sorcerer up later and it occurred to me that when I'm creating or recreating an army I tend to churn out a wizard first: I did it with my Chaos Dwarf and Nippon forces and did it here.
Willmark, good looking sled! Ofcourse still work in progress, be careful however with the antlers thing the chaos steeds might become too christmassy looking especially if you were to make the warrior a mark of Khorne warrior ( not to be corny)!
Thanks for the feedback Dogspaymaster.

Update #3
As promised here is my Chaos Sorcerer based on Bahl the Faceless with a few modifications. I still have to touch up the face but he is largely done. I like hoe he came out and was much better then his old paint job. I added a bit of green-stuff and painted an eye ala the eye from the Stygian witches in Clash of the Titans. I have to look through my notes to see what moniker I gave him... As noted he's a bout 99% done as aside from the face he needs a few touch ups on the mini itself and the eye.

[Image: chaos_sorceror5.jpg]

Next up is my Daemon Prince. I bought him way back in the day because I liked the mini rather then fielding a daemonic force. Since this army is being assembled with 5th/6th edition rules in mind he works as he could led daemonic contingents as need be. All I did was re-base him and add a few washes. Not the best paint job ever, but I'm not inclined to change it for now.

[Image: chaos_daemonprince1.jpg]

[Image: chaos_daemonprince2.jpg]

Next up is my finished Marauder unit. It took a bit more time as I was fairly busy the past few weeks, but I converted the paint job from red and brass Khorne colors to more neutral silver and black. In all without being able to easily strip the paint I think it worked out well. I also dabbled with giving a few guys green-stuff masks and closed helms which worked out, these were trials for the unit of 15 marauders I've assembled as they will have more conversions owing to the fact they are unpainted.

[Image: chaos_marauders5.jpg]

[Image: chaos_marauders6.jpg]

[Image: chaos_marauders7.jpg]

I still need to close the cardboard section of their movement tray up and add some more snow effects. I purchased The Army Painter Battlefields tundra tuffs. It worked out well, but its a bit pricey IMO at $6.

Lastly, I'm working on my sled still along with a few units for my Chaos Dwarf Army. I think the plan is to get them finished up and then continue with my Nippon and Chaos forces and then the complete repaint of my classic 3rd edition Dark Elf army.
That sledge is great!

I should add this blog will go pretty fast Im thinking. The reason being I don't have to repaint every single unit. For instance my three chaos ogres are done, just need a few touche ups and tot be rebased. I expanded their movement tray as I want to field a unit of four ogres rather then three.
As to removing paint from plastic models without destroying them I recently got a good tip!

Use hydrolics fluid for cars! The way I heard was to soak them for a while and then use a stiff brush, like a toothbrush, then wash away excess fluids. Repeat if necessary!
Good tip. I usually use nail polish remover for metals. Good solution for plastic .
(05-10-2016, 05:55 AM)Willmark Wrote: Good tip. I usually use nail polish remover for metals. Good solution for plastic .

I have used brake fluid to do the same thing, to good effect.
Cool I'll keep it in mind. Right now I'm in good as I'm good with most of my plastics.
Update. A good number of stuff underway but I did manage to finish off/touch up a unit of chaos ogres. They are a bit of a mish-mash, but I do like the fact I can include Skragg the Slaughterer..

[Image: chaos_ogres1.jpg]

[Image: chaos_ogres2.jpg]

[Image: chaos_ogres3.jpg]
Since its cool here in western NY is appropriate that I pick back up on my chaos warrior army with its snowy theme.

Here is the Chaos Lord and his sled underway. Also of special note is that I added a few extra bits to him, including an extra arm. Looks cool and another axe to boot. That gift that keeps on giving: the Battle for Skull Pass contributes to this model. How? The antlers are comprised from spider legs and the ends of toothpicks. These form the under-basis of the antlers. Next up will be some ever so careful green stuffing (mine is actually gray) to fill in the gaps.

I think they came out pretty good, really looking forward to them painted.
[Image: chaos_sled4.jpg]

And here is a close-up of my WIP of my chaos lord built from a bunch of spare parts.
[Image: chaos_chaoslord1.jpg]
I actually finished off my chaos sled for my 5th edition Chaos force a while back but I've been rather busy. So with the Photo Bucket debacle I figured I'd upload these pics.

All in all it came together well and I'm pleased with the results. [Image: chaos_sled5.jpg]

[Image: chaos_sled6.jpg]
[Image: chaos_sled7.jpg]
[Image: chaos_sled8.jpg]

[Image: chaos_sled9.jpg]

Additionally, here is a close-up of the (as yet) unnamed Chaos Lord. Since the start of the initial post of the trhead I've decided that since I'm splitting out my 5th/6th edition models taht its time for a new chaos lord. Lord Draken Doom will stay the juggernaut riding lord of my 3rd edition force. Not sure why the axe hafts look greenish but they are brown in actual color.

[Image: chaos_chaoslord2.jpg]

Lastly, I'm splitting out a unit of 20 chaos warriors into their own force. They will have a new converted lord with their own standard and colors. This force will be chaos undivided (in the later editions parlance). After that I might want to do a 3rd  or 5th edition Nurgle force.
That war sled is cool for two, no three, chariots. Great work!
Still need to get around to better pics pf the chaos sledge, but in the meantime here are 5 chaos marauder horsemen. I actually finished them a month ago but forgot to post them.

Although, the leader is a chaos warrior mini he can "count as" a chaos marauder hero as needed. He was made from spare parts I received in an inadvertent shipment from GW mail order some years back that I kept in the bitz box. Moral of the story? Never throw anything away.

Th marauders minis I got back in January for something like $12 for the four!

[Image: chaos_marauder_horseman1.jpg]

[Image: chaos_marauder_horseman2.jpg]

[Image: chaos_marauder_horseman3.jpg]

[Image: chaos_marauder_horseman4.jpg]

In all the came out well I think, now the 5th/6th edition force consists of: chaos lord on a sledge (chariot), 5 marauder horsemen, 20 chaos  marauders with flails, 3 chaos ogres, and a chaos sorcerer; a fairly powerful force growing stronger.
Nice paintjob and basing. GW has had several great styles through all their various style shifts, but the 6th edition aesthetic always stand out in my eyes. You've done it justice!

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