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TEW- The Enemy Within minis
TEW, of course is THE module series when one considers WFRP. With that of course are great minis as show throughout this thread:

For reference here's a page from Stuff of Legends (one of several):
[Image: IMGP2170.jpg]
Very cool, although I don't know much about the Enemy Within. Mind giving a little background?

It's THE campaign for WFRP.

Takes place in the Empire. The first three modules in the series are excellent, the last two are a bit disjointed. The last Empire in Flames is Meh and non-canonical, but there is an excellent fan-made alternative.

Death on the Reik is the 2nd module and the best of them all.

The main idea of the series is confront the growing taint of chaos and mutants within the Empire.

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