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Dogs of War Giants!
[Image: _MG_4389-Edit-20120919-02.jpg]
[Image: a86617_ae68ef296aea2a2a0ef9a35bdb89f9b1.jpg_1024]
[Image: frontpagegiant.jpg]
My Marauder giant painted around 1992/1993, retouched in terms of shields and bases in the following years:

[Image: file_zpsdrxo7wmy.jpg]

[Image: file_zpsi20awxr4.jpg]

[Image: file_zpsnp0rpufq.jpg]

[Image: file_zpsui5d5put.jpg]
Nice! Here is my pirate giant.

[Image: DSC00919.jpg]
[Image: DSC00918.jpg]
Might want to check the links on the picks Shark... Wink
Pics of my recently completed giant:
[Image: file_zpsck4wfa0a.jpg]

[Image: file_zpsaar6x05n.jpg]

[Image: file_zpslqnligbm.jpg]

[Image: file_zpscrw6hsag.jpg]
Try these...

[Image: DSC00918.jpg]
[Image: DSC00919.jpg]
Odd... they are showing up in my browser when I go to add them...
Probably cached. they are showing as file not found on multiple browsers for me.
Nice Giants all of them! I am missing the albion Giants however..... Wink
[Image: IMG_20170307_214629.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20170307_214553.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20170307_214505.jpg]

Cachtorr, Bologs and Hengus, I bought them from an italian guy in ebay for only 55 euro and recovered a lost regiment of renown that I changed years before for vampire counts. Now they are by my side and ready to rock after a hard paint work, took me two weeks to finish it. Hope you like em.
Good stuff again, nice crisp painting.
Glad you like it :-)

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