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New miniatures of interest for fantasy naval wargaming
Smallscale evil dwarf escort boats released:

[Image: Casts%2001_zpsihqlxwye.jpg]
Great stuff!

I think you need to come up with some Dogs of War inspired ships...what those would be, I have no idea. Wink

Floating money bins? Galleons with price tags still attached? Tongue
Since they at based on Italy. Perhaps some type of galley from the 1400-1500s?

Galleys and 6 galleasses were the predominate ships in that battle for the Spanish and the Italian City-States.
Indeed. It's worth thinking about for the future. Other races' navies (if we reach that far) are still a long way off, but certainly not off the map. And we'll need some wooden vessels for the fire ships to torch in any case.
Man O War was a great game and not that high of a "buy-in" as it were, probably why GW dropped it.

Problem is getting ahold of the rules. I assume there are PDFs of it but I like actual books.

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