Dogs of War Online 3.0
Yep. I can't take credit for this. Web design is not my forte, but I have connections. Wink
Wiki is now online and working (or at least workable). If you are interested on working on it let me know as its on wikidot.
Gallery and Usermap are proving troublesome. I'll be digging into why bother are not working later, enough behind the scenes stuff for tonight.
Just a note. After being puzzled for a while for why country flags are not showing for some I have it figured out.

For any user pre-1.8 upgrade let me know. I can set it in the Admin sections do it will appear. Any new users who create an account it will work going forward.
Another heads up, working on the gallery section May take a bit as I have the right pieces now but they are not playing toegtherly nicley. Wiki is starting to come easier and easier to me, good stuff ahead.
Next update will be a small one:

I'll be consolidating the generals map room section. All current contents will be moved to a Warhammer section. The other two will be rename for Kings of War and 9th Age respectively.
The minor update is complete, forums and sub-forums have been consolidated and reordered. I also combined everything from the previous three under the General's Map room a single forum based on history- i.e. the Warhammer subsection.
On a roll. I'll be shifting a bunch of threads to the appropriate sections after I consolidated two forums into one. Got a question where stuff should go? Just ask and I'll move it around.
The link is now functional to the new User Map. The old version that worked directly in MyBB was not working all that well so I had to scrap it with the move to the new version of MYBB.

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