Cast of Characters
I've been mucking around with some background and a few of my Mercenary army characters in an attempt to provide some interesting narrative for my regular games. I figured I'd toss it up here to share as well. Nothing great, but they are short little profiles whipped up in a few minutes time.

First up, Lorenza the Celestial:

[Image: tumblr_inline_mleinxzHN01qz4rgp.jpg]

Lorenza always had a gift for divination. The illegitimate product of the merchant prince of Luccini and a fortune-telling nomad from Araby, she enjoyed many privileges most girls in her circumstances seldom receive. She entertained the court as a youth by reading the futures of her half-siblings and was encouraged to enroll in the prestigious Observatory of Magic and Astronomy. There she spent every waking hour deep in study and quickly gained the admiration of the head Magister. Clever and connected, her proud father prepared a permanent position for her in his personal retinue of advisors. Content for awhile after graduation to counsel in matters of state and finance, she wished for greater adventures. The nomadic blood of her mother filled her with a wanderlust she could not slake with mere court intrigue and gossip. Under an auspicious moon, she ran away from the safety and boredom of Luccini and struck out to join a band of brigands and sell-swords in need of her services. It was the only way she was going to see the world.
Giuseppe D'Azzo:

[Image: tumblr_inline_mlgwnvn8Td1qz4rgp.jpg]

The end came cruelly for Giuseppe. Captured in a rout of his father’s expeditionary army, he became a blood sacrifice under the knife of a twisted and ambitious sorcerer of chaos. Though a rescue was attempted, the forces of evil and despair proved too strong, and Giuseppe was disemboweled before his anguished father’s eyes; just out of arm’s reach. Giuseppe was a devoted son. Unwilling to leverage his father’s position in the military to gain an officer’s commission, he struggled through the ranks like any other common soldier. He was capable with a pistol and a blade, and was well liked if not perfectly suited for leadership. Since his passing, his fellow skirmishers honor Giuseppe at the opening of each new engagement with a warcry to his memory, and to his father’s grief: “For D’Azzo the Son! For D’Azzo the Father! Remember!"
Renata the Vibrant:

[Image: tumblr_inline_mlim79PRjM1qz4rgp.jpg]

Renata never had an easy life. Born to hardworking farmers in the dry climate of southern Tilea, she frequently went hungry when drought ravaged the local fields. Malnutrition made her small of stature and of a weak constitution, unfit for the more menial tasks her family required of her. While visiting the market one day with her mother, she was momentarily separated in the push of buyers and sellers. A kindly hunched old women calmed her down, took her tiny work-blistered hands and made her promise to never give up on life; “life always finds a way." Upon repeating the crone’s oath Renata’s hands mended and, as if by design, a rain cloud burst overhead scattering the crowds, revealing her frantic searching mother. From that day forth Renata made good on her promise to the old woman. At her first opportunity and with every spare penny her family had scraped together over the years, she enrolled in the Academy of Mystical Agriculture to learn and spread the power and magic of life.

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