Dogs of War WIP
Greetings all! It has been some time since I have posted, and honestly the Dogs of War have been nowhere near my hobby priority, but I have recently decided to get back into them (mostly because I want to get them set up and have something to show for my work!).

I had previously converted many models for a Dogs of War army, then re/de-converted them to Empire troopers with a Dogs of War feel, just more into the time of gunpowder. I was pretty happy with this list, two hordes of spears/pikes with detachments of swordsmen and handgunners, big unit of handgunners with archers, ect. Long story short, I super-excitedly picked up the 8th edition Empire book and was so dissapointed I shelved the entire lot, eventually dumping them into a box and packed them away for a move.

Now however I wish to re-claim them as Dogs of War! Following is a list of units I am working towards for my army.

I don't think I mentioned it before, but the army will be built with the idea of a Mercenary Army, as opposed to an army made of mercenary units. This means that any Regular units will have a similiar paintscheme, but still a fair bit of character, and consistant equipment. Irregular units have special purpose, and are hired seperately, they will have some hints of the same colours, but be clearly different.

1 unit of 40 Pikes (regular)
1 unit of 20 Armoured Crossbows (regular)
1 unit of 10 Crossbows (irregular)
15 light cavalry, probably 5 with crossbows (regular)
2 units of 8 Duelists with Pistols (regular)
1 unit of 8 Duelists with 2xhw (irregular)

1 unit of 6 Ogres with Great Weapons (regular)
15 Paymaster's Guard (irregular)

2 Cannons (regular)
2 Hot Pots/light mortars (regular)

So, below are the units/models I have assembled so far.

My Cannon
[Image: dsc01490zw.jpg]
Fairly self explanatory. Each of my warmachines are going to be on a single large base with crewmen included.

Two Pikemen
[Image: dsc01469qh.jpg]
These give a good idea as to my pike concept, armoured Empire Spearmen bodies, with pikes added. The first two ranks will hold theirs up, braced on the ground/against their back foot with a sword held in the opposite hand. The next will have theirs pointed forward.

Four pikemen with a marauder.
[Image: dsc01472tq.jpg]
This gives an idea of how the unit ranks up, and how an enemy unit can make contact with them. Many conversions I have seem, and some GW original models as well, seem to be nearly impossible for other players to align their units to.

Pikeman Champion.
[Image: dsc01475g.jpg]
Simple enough, here he is.

Pikeman helmet.
[Image: dsc01478wt.jpg]
This is my concept for the Pikemen heads, a Sallet helmet from the Empire Knight sprue, with the decoration cut off the top and green stuff added to make it smooth. This helmet goes a long ways towards making the trooper seem more heavily armoured, and makes the heads nice and small. Previously I had big hats with feathers on them, and they looked good, but the huge feathers made it near impossible to rank up the pikes.

Pikeman helmt.
[Image: dsc01505yx.jpg]
[Image: dsc01514bt.jpg]
Above is my finished Pikeman helmet, I have decided to use the full Knights helmet with plume, it fits my image of the Pikes, which is one extremely well equipped and proud unit of professional soldiers.

Finished Pikeman
[Image: dsc01560cb.jpg]
So, here is a finished Pikeman. The Knights helm looks great to me, and the puffy arms, along with the vambraces help with the look of well equipped professionalism. I am very pleased with the red and black colours, I will have to highlights the black armour. Somehow. Eventually Smile

[Image: dsc01562pe.jpg]
Here are two beside each other, I have the unit champion done as well, and will get pics up. These are the front rank troopers, with their pikes held up high for anti-cavalry and so that other units rank better with them.

Armoured Crossbowman.
[Image: dsc01484u.jpg]
Again using the armoured Empire trooper body, with the same Sallet style helmet, but with the forward arm from an empire knight, gives him a solid armoured look. Eventually these will be my besiegers.

[Image: dsc01486gf.jpg]
The second rank of my Armoured Crossbowmen are as such. The idea being that they are the helper/loader of the armoured man infront of them, loading the weapon and handing it forward, as shown below.

[Image: dsc01488k.jpg]

Paymaster's Bodyguard
[Image: dsc01549wo.jpg]
Basic PMG, going to make 15 to start with, including a single 40x40mm base with two Guards carrying a paychest. These are going to have a simpler look that the Pikemen, with sallet style and half helms, and non-puffy sleeves. I will need a different paintjob to go with them, since they need to look like an 'irregular' group.

[Image: dsc01546c.jpg]
Just the unit I am working on, 6 of them are together now, with Greatweapons. Greenstuff adds additional chain armour, as well as some leather and cloth to bulk them out.

I don't think I mentioned it before, but the army will be built with the idea of a Mercenary Army, as opposed to an army made of mercenary units. This means that any Regular units will have a similiar paintscheme, but still a fair bit of character, and consistant equipment. Irregular units have special purpose, and are hired seperately, they will have some hints of the same colours, but be clearly different.

More pictures to follow! (this army ties directly to my army list in that section of the forum, and I will gladly take comments on both).
Quick update, decided to change the Sallet helms from the Pikemen to the feathered helmets from the Empire Knights sprue. I originally had these on my Paymaster's Guard, which I lovingly converted earlier, but their existence is in doubt. I think it goes a long way to adding to the armoured, elite look I want for my unit.

I also added tall, wide boots to two models, and like the effect a lot, but doing that will add a lot of work to an already huge project.

Putting my Duelists together as well, three units of 8, trying to give each unit a slightly different look, from most fancy/rich to most simple. Each are made of Empire infantry, some the unarmoured bodies of the State Troops, some the handgunners bodies.

Will update tomorrow with more pictures!
Looks great! I am always envious of those that have the discipline and interest to convert entire warhammer armies. I think the pikemen are shaping up nicely. I look forward to your crossbow light cavalry.
I have converted and reconverted the light cavalry so many times... I have decided on just making them a mix of mounted crossbows and spearmen, lightly armoured, using torsos from the Empire Free Comany.

Pictures are coming slowly, but I've finally got the army itself together.
Looks great! What material did you use on the bases to do the cobblestones?
I bought a sheet of plastic material from a model train hobby shop, just glued bases to it one at a time and cut around them with a sharp knife. I am unfortunately out now, and need to find more, specifically for my 40mm bases and my big circular war machine bases. I also cut all the cavalry going sideways compared to the infantry, so either 15 light cav are moving infront of the ranks broadside, or I need to re-cut them...

You don't really get a good look at the armoured crossbowman in those pictures, but I used the armoured body from the Empire troop box, the cut knight helm (top decoration cut off), and the knights forward arm, cut and repositioned, which actually didn't take long at all, and the ones I did after that were a lot smoother. Overall I really like the look it gives for an armoured X-Bow, not historically accurate (like the Besiegers) but unique and reasonable enough to represent what they are (heavy armoured), especially in Warhammer, where light armour covers 80% of the body and plate mail barely 50% Smile

I really wanted a unit of knights, but I find I can't come close to fitting them in, and I have such a hard time going for them over ogres with great weapons. Unitl I fight ASF Ghouls and my Ogre unit gets demolished, of course, then I want knights...

Currently a big sticking point is the mortar. I want a lighter mortar, like how I make a shortened cannon, to represent my 'hot pot', but I just can't seem to piece one together.
More pictures! More pictures!
I hope to get some more pictures up soon.

Other units that are coming along are my Paymaster's Guard, who are converted simply from Greatswords with State Troop halberds. I am using all of the Sallet helms from the Greatswords, and making more from empire knight helms, just like on my armoured crossbowmen. I want them to look simple and brutally effective, which goes with my idea for them. Also my Ogre unit is coming along well, modelling extra armour on them, and my general and other characters.

All of my pictures right now are brutal, and I can't spray my models to start painting them, I've been spending most of my time on my chaos, with my bright red Khorne everything looking awesome, but am closing in on needing a break and swinging back to my beloved Dogs of War. Side note, my Chaos are no less converted.
Updated above. Also, realizing the picture limit, I realize why people reserve posts! As such, I will reserve this post, and edit it into new pictures as I get things done.
Alright, and I'm back.

And. I'm going to change it all. Again. Again...

So, first off, I am going to make my light cav into Pistoliers. Mercenary pistoliers that fit with the rest of the army, but pistoliers all the same, with pistols, and not shields/spears or crossbows. I really like the mounted X-Bowmen, but I like the Pistoliers as well, and I think they will fit better with the look of my armoured pikes.

After that. I think i am going to change my armoured X-Bows into armoured Rifles. I love the Besiegers, but i can also use them as Ironsides from Tamurkhan, and they are definately neat (and yes, i know handgunners are actually worse than crossbows this edition if I use them as Empire troops).

Updates of constructed units will be forthcoming.
So I have not been idle, though not accomplishing as much as I should have. Bellow is some of the work I have done. I swear it's a ridiculous amount of work, even though it hardly looks it.

Here is one of my two front rank, non-command model Pikemen. You can see that I have kept with the empire bodies, with the knight helms. The Sallet style knight helms with the exposed lower jaw are rare in the grouping, but where I have used them I have gotten to use the Gorget from the Pistoliers (I believe) which really helps add to the armoured look I love.

[Image: 3o3f.jpg]

[Image: 7e7z.jpg]

Incase you were wondering, the right arm with the sword is indeed from the state troops. The left straight arm is from the pistoliers, with the hand of a state-trooper. The arm is pinned to the body at the shoulder, and the hand to the arm. The pike is 5 pieces. Two pieces of hollow tube, the long and short part, with a small pin held in the hand. The two long pieces fit into that, then a pinned head goes into the top.

This allows my front rank to be straight armed, lowering their pikes to take a charge, with their blades at the ready in their other arm, it also gives me three poses.

Here are the three unique poses.

[Image: wfnk.jpg]

Front non-command with arm extended, second rank with arm bent but pike still up (same system to make the pike arm, only this time with matching state trooper arm), third and further ranks with the pike simply built into the spear, as it is in the above posts.

You can't really make it out here, but the first to ranks have the (new state trooper style) puffy arms, but I have greenstuffed puff onto many of the back ranks, even if only on one arm. I am out of greenstuff though, and might go back and add my slashed-sleeves when I have it and time permits.

Some shots of the first 25. I

[Image: 9u4m.jpg]

[Image: wmb6.jpg]


I have actually been painting! I have played some version of Warhammer, either fantasy or 40k, for more than a decade, and have never had a 'finished' or fully painted army to show for it, and I really want to change that here, so I have been working on these guys.

The armywide colour is red and black, with black armour. I am out of black wash (which accounts for %50 of my painting skill, no joke!) so I am paused on many of them, but I am trying to just keep at it with the main colours. Then it's pick 'em up, fix any little problems, wash em, then highlight.

After this, there is a 2x5 ten man block that goes behind, then a 1x5 5 man block after that, for 40 guys. (I actually think 7 wide is actually a great setup for pikes of 35 guys, 8 for 40, but these will often be Empire Spearmen, with Shields to count for their Heavy Armour).

The banner is not on them there, but once I get the rest of these guys ready I will endeavor to get some good pictures up of them and some of the individual ones I really like (like the champion with his sword and pistol).


[Image: a9zd.jpg]

[Image: biat.jpg]

[Image: np5j.jpg]

So my Paymaster is ofcourse based on the Empire General model. He has some bald scarred head with a hat on to make him look grizzled and mean. He's holding a pay record book in his left hand donated from the dragon lord from the High Elf range, and his right has a bottle of booze, because he clearly needs to drink to deal with the expense of it all, as well as a small gold purse on his belt.

His horse has the huge gryphon feather to try and make him standout, as he isn't holding a banner or anything, as well as two bags of gold and pistols from the Pistolier set (one is cut and reversed so that the pistol is going the opposite way).

Armoured Handgunners

[Image: 99ps.jpg]

[Image: h1s0.jpg]

[Image: tjha.jpg]

These were Braganza's Besiegers Besiegers for awhile but now that i have finished them I decided to make them Handgunners so that I can use the Ironsides unit from Tamurkhan, despite the fact that Handgunners are a terrible investment (and Crossbows in the Empire army are BARELY worth it). But, they look neat, and rules change, and I'll be glad to keep them on the board for awhile.

Falk, the Special Character Engineer that goes with them from Tamurkhan, is half done, but i am out of greenstuff, so he and several other models are on hold!

Armoured Halberdiers/Paymaster's Guard

[Image: mkvr.jpg]

[Image: 5232.jpg]

[Image: siwh.jpg]

So these are actually a re-appearance of one of the FIRST Dogs of War models I was working on converting. Most people make them into Pikes, I wanted Halberds. I like the full-fluff on their arms and legs, the larger knight helms work well on them, where the Pikes have mostly the smaller knight helms, and less fluffiness ect, ect. Plan a unit of 40, 4x10, to be Paymaster's Guard/probably Halberdiers in Empire Armies, maybe Great Sword stand-ins.

If you remember, they came in 4 poses, and I plan on using +/-10 of a single pose in a single rank, with two or three of the previous rank mixed in to the rank back to mix it up a bit more. The front rank will also have the command to add three different guys (and those will probably be the three pushed back).
Just for the heck of it, here's my Wizard. I plan on painting him in a classic 'wizard'-y way, so he can be any Lore. I added a pipe, because... pipe!

[Image: dsc01554h.jpg]

I have my 2x10 pistoliers pretty much together as well, just need to settle on heads, but I'm not putting them up as they look pretty bland right now, and aren't close to the conversion level of the above.

My Ogres languish in the box, despite being the center the entire army rotates around. The reason? Lack of greenstuff.

I need a couple more Ogres, a Helblaster, to finish my Captasus and General/Lietpold the Black stand-in, and a few more Knight helms for the army to be pretty much complete, after that all I need is:

A Pay Cart! As it will be a stand-in for one of the magical Empire mobiles (probably a Hurricanum) I figure I will use that as a base. The concept is going to be a huge cart of gold and treasure, with lustrian plaques and other assorted magical-ness. That makes sense to me for it's presence to give +1 on 'to Hit' rolls ('try harder lads, the gold's near!'), and the fact that it occasionally calls down comets, lightning, and other celestial events...

A unit of Knights! As I have Lietpold to make this whole crazy thing work, he needs a unit of knights to go with, but that's another thread.
So, I'm at the point where I am wondering about colour schemes. i worry about everything having the same colour scheme, the same black armour with red cloth. That idea was originally intended for my Halberdiers, who were going to be Empire soldiers with the knight helms, a 'Crimson Guard' to stand starkly out from the rest of my force, which was going to be in the Ricco's Republican Guard and Braganza's Besiegers look with the bronze coloured armour, and the pikes with feathered hats. Then I switched to doing it to Pikes, and now it looks like most of my army.

I realize Empire Armies have several units the same way like that, but even then, most pictures of Empire armies have units from several provinces, or even if it is one province, there is always a break unit, like the Carrorburg Greatswords, who have a totally different scheme. I just worry having my Pikes and my Halberds the same will look too bland, but then again, they are both the same concept, with the helms and such, so it SHOULD work.

My Pikes (spears) have a supporting unit of Duelists (swordsmen) as well, and I am wondering on their colours. It was going to be red bodysuits with black vests, but even though it looks good, I realized when I put a few beside each other that by doing the same colour you lose out on the Pikes being armoured and the Swordsmen not. I suppose leather vests on the ones with vests would look good, lots of feathered hats as well which should probably get a unique colour, maybe a brighter one? Maybe half and half coloured clothes, leather vests, red and black hats, and bright feathers? They need to look like linked infantry, but can't be the same.

My guns are another matter, I think the red and black will look good on them as well, and then I need a more rundown colour for the back loaders (I kept that idea from the earlier post), maybe the alternating colours of before? Or just red with rundown looks.

The Pistoliers are another matter, are they going to have the same black armour and such? or red cloth? I did some red cloth, and it looks good, and I do want them to be an official part of the army, not the 'sons of nobles out for fun' idea.

Hm.. decisions decisions.

Lastly I have my 'archers', I threw together some Empire Handgunner/Crossbowmen models, modded up with assorted heads and gave them the crossbows from the Free Company box (which are way smaller than Empire Crossbows) to use as mercenary 'light crossbowmen/scouts'. They don't have the textured bases, and will be made to look more like classic Free Company, out foraging around in their own gear, maybe a red ribbon here and there.
Some good stuff here keep it up.

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